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Wednesday, March 15
2018 Fallball Registration

Registration is opens on April 16, 2018. Information is coming soon!

  • Level 3A: Rookie League - mostly 7 year olds and new 8 year olds. 
  • Level 3B: 7-8 year olds - team registration only.
  • Level 4A: 9-10 year olds - Open/Rec Division, team registration only. 
  • Level 4B: 9-10 year olds - Travel/All-Star teams, team registration only
  • Level 5: 11-12 year olds - team registration only. Divisions divided by experience after 2 games.
  • Level 6: 13-14 year olds - team registration only

Handout: 2018 Fallball Information and Roster

Fallball - Individuals

Individual Players looking for a team: Please send an email to mpasqualini@brparks.org with your contact information, player's age, team/league, preferred positions and any other general information that may be helpful. Your email will be forwarded to any coaches looking for players at your child's age level.

Handout: 2018 Fallball Information and Roster

2017 Rules

Click below to download a PDF of your division's rules.
Handout: 2017 Rules

Rainout Line

Rainout Line

Level 3 Bat Rules

Level 3 is following Little League baseball bat rules. Maximum barrel size is 2-1/4 inches. Any barrel larger than 2-1/4 inches is considered an illegal bat and will be removed from play. Both teams will be issued a warning from the umpire. Any subsequent batter entering the batter's box with a non-compliant bat will be considered an out.