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  Brewers 2013 Pitching Stats  
Player  Position  G  GS  CG  IP  P  BF  ER  Hits  HR  SO  Wlks  IBB  HBP  WP  B  Won  Lost  Sv  ERA  WHIP  BS  HLD  SO/WLKS  PK
No Players added to the Roster this season.
Entry Stats:
G - Games Played    GS - Games Started    CG - Complete Games    IP - Innings Pitched    P - Pitches    BF - Batters Faced    ER - Earned Runs    Hits - Hits    HR - Homeruns Allowed    SO - Strikeouts    Wlks - Walks    IBB - Intentional Walks    HBP - Hit Batters    WP - Wild Pictches    B - Balks    Won - Won    Lost - Lost    Sv - Save    BS - Blown Saves    HLD - Holds    PK - Pickoffs   
Calculated Stats:
ERA - Earned Run Average    WHIP - (Walks + HIts)/Innings Pitched    SO/WLKS - Strikeout/Walk Ratio