Brentwood Alianza: 10 Alianza Guidelines

Tuesday, March 8

Brentwood Alianza Player / Coach Contract 

The 10 Guidelines of Brentwood Alianza“

This is an agreement between Players, Parents, and Coaches of Brentwood Coaching Staff

I am a member of the Brentwood Youth Soccer Club and a competitive Brentwood Alianza soccer player. Because I have the honor and privilege of playing soccer on Alianza, I agree that I will represent my team, my coaches, my parents, the Brentwood Youth Soccer Club, the city of Brentwood, and soccer with pride, respect, and good sportsmanship. Furthermore, I agree to uphold the following “10 Guidelines of Brentwood Alianza”.

1) I will have good attitude at all times, win or lose, playing or supporting my team from the bench. I realize that some days I will play well and other days I may be “off”. In either case I will be supportive of my team and fellow teammates.

2) I will be a great team player. I will understand and fulfill my role on the team and understand that my role for any particular part of the team is decided by the coaches.

3) I will not quit . Quitting = Losing . When I quit on myself because of a mistake or carry a bad attitude to my team or coaches. I’m quitting on the team.

4) I will respect my coaches, referees, opposing coach and players, and parents. I will address my coach as “Coach Steve”. And will respect the name Alianza by being on time for practice and games, and have a neat appearance clean uniform clean cleats.

*I should receive a phone call 24 hours before, If you cannot attend practice or game*

5) I will hustle at all times and be a good example to teammates.

6) I will improve as a player. I will listen to my coaches and work hard on improving my mental and physical soccer skills. I recognized working on my soccer skills only at practices will not be enough …I will also work on areas where my coaches point out to me to work on.

7) I will keep myself physically fit. Outside of practices. I will do sit-ups, push-ups, and some form of running activity every week to stay in shape.

8) I will eat and sleep well during the soccer season. Having a good decent size meal and well timed amount of digestion and sleep is key to staying awake and able to play. 9) I will study and keep my grades up in school. If I do not I’m letting down everyone,

myself, my team, and my parents. Doing well in school will help me as a soccer player but doing well in school is more important then doing well as a soccer player.

10) I will thank my parents everyday for bringing me to soccer practices and games. And I’ll make sure I tell them I love them on a daily basis.


I understand that my failure to live up to this agreement and these 10 Guidelines of Brentwood Alianza” will negatively affect my soccer performance and playing time. I will memorize the 10 Guidelines before our training begins, and be able to explain the key concept (written in the bold lettering) of each one to Coach Steve. By signing this I am agreeing to the 10 Guidelines of Brentwood Alianza and that my parents have reviewed the Alianza way of soccer with me.

Parent Signature : ___________________ Players Name: _______________________