Breckenridge Little League: Welcome

2018 Baseball Season



The games schedule has been released.  You can download it HERE. Or you can see the games on the CALENDER PAGE.  Majors, Minors, and Coach Pitch Divisions will have 1 game each on Friday, April 6 to start off the season!  We then take a small break for STAAR Testing in Minors & Majors as Coach Pitch continues and TeeBall games begin on April 9.  The Season will conclude on May 24.

The Juniors and Intermediate Divisions started early - the Juniors began on March 22 and the Intermediate will began on March 27.  This year, both teams have chosen to be called the BRONCOS and represent Breckenridge in games versus teams from Albany, Cisco, Hawley, Anson, Baird, Jim Ned, Clyde, and Abilene.  We wish them the best of luck!!




I am excited to announce we are having our Opening Ceremonies and Skills Competition on
Sunday, April 8 at 2:00PM - Starting on Field 1.

The Ceremony will include Announcements, Presentation of Teams, Distribution of Caps and Jerseys (for those who don't already have them) and a League-Wide photo for the Facebook Page!
Then, we will go right into the Skills Competitions.  Just like 2 years prior, we will have 3 Events open to all Little Leaguers TeeBall through Majors:  Run The Bases, Hit For Distance, Throw for Accuracy.  At each event, players have the opportunity to earn merit decals.  Also, the top performers in each division in the Run the Bases and Hit for Distance Competitions will win a prize at the end of the season.  We can't wait to see you there!!!



USA Bat Rule - this January, little League adopted the new USA Bat standard as a rule for every division, TeeBall through Junior League.  What does this mean?  ALL bats used in any Little League game MUST have the USA bat stamp.  Any bat purchased prior to September 2017 will more than likely not include the USA stamp.  More info can be read HERE.




Congratulations to the following teams:

Majors -
1st Place - BRAVES
2nd Place - RED SOX

Minors -
1st Place - RANGERS
2nd Place - ORIOLES

Coach Pitch -
1st Place - RANGERS
2nd Place - RED SOX

TeeBall -
1st Place - RANGERS
2nd Place - ASTROS

Congrats to the Breckenridge Junior League Braves - District 5 World Series Runners-Up!!!

Thank you all who coached, ran the concession stand, umpired, and participated in the 2017 season!






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