Brazos Valley Juniors: Handouts

2016 Brazos Valley Juniors Handbook

Our Handbook addresses many different questions that you may have about BVJ and also includes the fee schedule, per team.

BVJ Handbook 2016.pdfBVJ Handbook 2016.pdf

Tournament Schedules for 2016 Club Season

BVJ 11's Tournament Schedule  .pdfBVJ 11's Tournament Schedule .pdf

BVJ 12's Tournament Schedule .pdfBVJ 12's Tournament Schedule .pdf

BVJ 13's Tournament Schedule.pdfBVJ 13's Tournament Schedule.pdf

BVJ 14's Tournament Schedule.pdfBVJ 14's Tournament Schedule.pdf

BVJ 15's Tournament Schedule .pdfBVJ 15's Tournament Schedule .pdf

BVJ 16's Tournament Schedule  .pdfBVJ 16's Tournament Schedule .pdf

BVJ 17's Tournament Schedule   .pdfBVJ 17's Tournament Schedule .pdf

BVJ 18's Tournament Schedule.pdfBVJ 18's Tournament Schedule.pdf

Mizuno Order Form

Use this form any time during the season to order Mizuno items.

BVJ Mizuno Order Form.pdfBVJ Mizuno Order Form.pdf

Sponsorship Letter

This letter can be downloaded and used to send to potential sponsors.


T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Order Form

Please use this form to order BVJ T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. The "traditional" logo is the one at the top of our website. The 2016 "new" logo is the logo on the tryout shirts.
There will be 2 order dates. For the first order, the form and payment must be RECEIVED by December 9 and the second order form must be paid for and RECEIVED by
January 13. Orders can be mailed to the BVJ P.O. Box and/or dropped off at the BVJ Dropbox.


Coaching Application