Brazoria Ballers Elite: History & Former Players


Mission Statement

The Brazoria Ballers Elite Basketball Foundation encourages youth to be lifetime learners, develop spiritually into men and women of character, and compete athletically at the highest level. The foundation provides student-athletes the opportunity to go to college using their academic and athletic talents. In addition develops students-athletes by providing skill development, personal character development and practical application to social settings with ultimate goal of creating educated and productive citizens.

Brazoria Ballers History  

The Brazoria Ballers non-profit organization was founded on May 5, 2005 by Frank Watson with the assistance of Ro Morgan as a financial advisor. My goal was to use my talents to cultivate opportunities for young basketball players from Brazoria County. Such players as myself who may come from low income homes or have issues with spending the time and money to play for a Houston Based team. Since its inception the Brazoria Ballers has produced 40 college athletes from a total of eight U17 teams. Over 100 players have put on a Brazoria Ballers Uniform below is the list of athletes.


Brazoria Ballers Elite 2015 U17 Boys

Head Coach: Frank Watson 

Assistant Coach: Homer Samuel 

Jarius Kesee (W. Columbia), Torrey Young (Angleton), Jordan Tolbert (Brazoswood), Josh Campbell (Angleton), Noah Davis (Brazoswood), Jarlin White (Terry), Savion Myles (Brazoswood), Jayson Faith (W. Columbia), Angel Trevino (Brazosport), BJ Foster (Angleton), Tim Samuel (Brazoswood), Chris Rossow (Brazosport), Cole Armstrong (Brazoswood), Kevin Davis (Angleton), Devon Dudley (Angleton)

Brazoria Ballers Elite 2014 U17 Boys 

Head Coach: Frank Watson

Assistant Coach: Austin Campbell  


Dylan Campbell (Brazoswood), Jordan Tolbert (Brazoswood), Ty Riddley (Brazoswood), Jaret Tolbert (Angleton), Jalen Weston (Angleton), Dylan Treweek (Brazoswood), Collin Flemons (Brazoswood), Malik Louision (Angleton), Torrey Young (Angleton), Jayson Faith (West Columbia), Tim Samuel (Brazoswood), Alex Beachum (Angleton/Houston Prep Academy) 


Brazoria Ballers Elite 2013 U17 Boys

Head Coach: Frank Watson  


 Xzavier Wallace (Brazoswood), Malik Smalls (Angleton), Jordan Tolbert (Brazoswood), Collin Flemons (Brazoswood), Terrell Colbert (Angleton), Marcus Williams (Brazoswood), Tristan Lopez (Manvel), Kendal Phillips (Angleton), Devonte Jackson (Sweeny/Westbury), Julian Shepard (Brazoswood), Josh Campbell (Angleton), Alex Beachum (Angleton), Khory Ross (Brazosport), Jaquel Lewis (Angleton)


Brazoria Ballers Elite 2012 U17 Boys

Head Coach: Frank Watson


Marcus Lemons (Sweeny), Tevin Kegler (Brazosport), Kendal Phillips (Angleton), Chris Miller (Sweeny), Jaleen Smith (Brazosport), Jaquel Lewis (Angleton), Sterling Fulton (Manvel), Davonte Jackson (Sweeny), Deondra Hall (Angleton), D.J. Griggs (Brazosport), Malik Smalls (Angleton), TraVaughn Woods (Brazosport), Daniel Stolte (Danbury), Xzavier Wallace (Brazoswood)


Brazoria Ballers-Future 2012 U16 Boys

Head Coach: Ricky Austin


Vincent Beasley (Manvel), William Jackson (Angleton), Thristian Lopez (Pearland Dawson), Sterling Fulton (Manvel), Chet Hodgerson (Manvel), Alex Beachum (Angleton), Marcus Drake (Bay City), Demetri Harris (Pearland Dawson), Jordan Jackson (Brazosport) 


Brazoria Ballers 2011 U17 Boys

Head Coach: Frank Watson

Assistant Coaches: Ricky Austin and Rick Jefferson

Josh Waddy (Brazsoport)Erick Jefferson (Angleton)Tevin Battle (Bay City)Evan Irvin (Angleton)Cody Bryant (Brazoswood)Francis Frank (Bay City)Levi Holmes (Sweeny)Trent Harris (Pearland)Jaleen Smith (Brazosport)Jarried Littleton (Pearland Dawson)Cameron Fisher (Brazosport)David Parker (Pearland Dawson)Jordan Jackson (Brazosport) Kendal Phillips (Angleton)Chris Miller (Brazoswood)Terrell Colbert (Angleton)Tony Taratelli (Brazosport)

Brazoria Ballers 2010 U17 Boys 

Head Coach: Frank Watson

Jordan Stewart (Manvel)Jayleen Sessions (Manvel)Cody Bryant (Brazoswood)Brandon Anderson (Brazoswood)Louis Robinson (Brazoswood)Derran Hayes (Angleton)Ben Boler (Angleton)Tevin Battle (Bay City)Terrell Colbert (Angleton)Evan Irvin (Angleton)Zalquan Lemons (Angleton)Erick Jefferson (Angleton)Denez Nichols (Angleton)Bobby Strebeck (Danbury)Daniel Wilson (Danbury)Justin Susaraba (Alvin)Josh Waddy (Brazosport)Dajon King (Brazosport)John Williams (Sweeny)

Brazoria Ballers 2006 U17

Head Coach: Frank Watson

Waylon Jones (Angleton)Melvin White (Brazosport)Cory Tellis (Clear Brook)Sean Harris (Victoria Memorial)Drew Sellers (Brazoswood)Travis Pflughaupt (El Campo)Anthony “Lisco” Higgins (Angleton)Jeremy Jackson (Angleton)Cole Hines (Brazosport)Josh Collins (W.Columbia)Phillip Evans (Hightower) Dane Hooker (Sweeny)Malcom Bonner (Brazoswood) Eric Williams (Angleton)Ben Benevedez (Victoria Memorial) 

Brazoria Ballers 2006 U15

Head Coach: Shelia Howard

Christian Spears (Angleton)Jake Vasquez (Angleton)Chris Jammer (Sweeny)Chancley Wright (Sweeny)John Williams (Sweeny)Justin Howard (Angleton) Steven Sylevester (Angleton) 

Brazoria Ballers 2005 U17 

Head Coach: Frank Watson 

Kenneth Sweeny (El Campo)Jack Williams (Angelton)Eric Williams (Angleton)Anthony Hargrove (El Campo)Jarred Morgan (Angleton)Justin Thursby (Brazoswood)Josh Collins (W.Columbia)Cory Tellis (Clear Brook)Gary Thompson (Brazoswood)Robert Williams (Sweeny)Colton Kemp (Angleton)Corderro Williams (Bay City)Vincent James (Brazosport) Willie Carter (Angleton) 


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