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Pearland Texas Classic Champions
Sunday, April 12
Pearland Texas Classic (Recap) April 10-12 2015

The Pearland Texas Classic featured over 200 teams on the first weekend of the open period for Division I college coaches to attend. The Brazoria Ballers won 1st place in the 17u blue bracket. Below is a recap of the tournament.

(Pool Game 1) Brazoria Ballers 55  Houston Rookies-Solomon  49

#24 Jarlin White 6-3 (Terry 2016) 14 pts 3 reb

#15 Jayson Faith 6-7 (West Columbia 2015) 11pts 14 reb

#4 Jordan Tolbert 5-10 (Brazoswood 2015) 10pts 3ast

#11 Jarius Kesee 6-4 (West Columbia 2015) 8pts


(Pool Game 2) Brazoria Ballers vs KTX Future

Game forfeited by official without justification while both teams were on the floor with five minutes left in the game. Tournament administration and head official stated the official had no right to forfeit the game. The Ballers advanced to the Blue Championship Bracket as a 3rd seed.  


(Quarterfinal) Brazoria Ballers 58  Houston Clippers 47

#11 Jarius Kesee 6-4 (West Columbia 2015) 17pts 3reb 3ast

#4 Jordan Tolbert 5-10 (Brazoswood 2015) 14pts 9ast

#15 Jayson Faith 6-7 (West Columbia 2015) 11pts 10reb

#24 Jarlin White 6-3 (Terry 2016) 10pts

#5 Tim Samuel 6-4 (Brazoswood 2017) 7pts 7reb


(Semifinal) Brazoria Ballers 80  STX Hoopsters 71

#11 Jarius Kesee 6-4 (West Columbia 2015) 22pts 7reb 3stl

#4  Jordan Tolbert 5-10 (Brazoswood 2015) 17pts 10ast

#5 Tim Samuel 6-4 (Brazoswood 2017) 15pts 8reb 2stl

#24 Jarlin White 6-3 (Terry 2016) 11pts

#23 Noah Davis 6-2 (Brazoswood 2017) 5pts


(Championship) Brazoria Ballers 65  Eastside Ballers 44

#11 Jarius Kesee 6-4 (West Columbia 2015) 24pts 4stl

#4  Jordan Tolbert 5-10 (Brazoswood 2015) 20pts 8ast

#5 Tim Samuel 6-4 (Brazoswood 2015) 9pts 5reb 3ast


The Ballers fought back against adversity and became champions!!!! Top performers from this weekend are listed below.

#11 Jarius Kesee 6-4 SG (West Columbia 2015) 17.7ppg

#4  Jordan Tolbert 5-10 PG (Brazoswood 2015) 15.2ppg 7.5apg

#5 Tim Samuel 6-4 SF (Brazoswood 2017) 9.5ppg 6.0rpg

#24 Jarlin White 6-3 SG (Terry 2016) 9.5ppg

#15 Jayson Faith 6-7 PF (West Columbia 2015) 7.2ppg 8.7rpg


Tuesday, March 24
RCS SPORTS Spring Ice Breaker (Recap) March 20-22 2015

The Brazoria Ballers played at the RCS Sports Spring Ice Breaker in Houston last weekend.

After going 2-0 in pool play, the Ballers played in the Platinum bracket but lost in the first round to Nike Texas Pro, 77-68.

Scoring in double digits were Jarius Kesee (19 points, four rebounds), Jordan Tolbert (15 points, three assists), Jarin White (12 points) and Noah Davis (11 points).

In pool play, the Ballers crushed the Houston Junior Hardballers, 67-38.

Tim Samuel (17 points, nine rebounds) led the Ballers. Others top performers included Kesee (12 points, four assists), Tolbert (12 points, six assists), White (11 points, five rebounds) and Torrey Young (10 points, eight rebounds).

In the second pool game, the Ballers beat 365 Elite, 67-55, behind 21 points, four assists and three steals from Tolbert.

Also in double digits were Kesee (17 points, seven rebounds) and Samuel (14 points, five rebounds).

Tolbert and Kesee are both seniors this season and unsigned by a college.

Recap done by The Facts newspaper staff.

Tournament standouts

Jordan Tolbert 5-10 PG (Brazoswood) Sr. 16.0ppg 4.3apg

Jarius Kesee 6-4 SG (West Columbia) Sr. 16.0ppg 4.0rpg

Jarlin White 6-3 SG (Rosenberg Terry) Jr. 10.3ppg 4.0rpg

Tim Samuel 6-4 SF (Brazoswood) So. 12.3ppg 7.3rpg

Noah Davis 6-2 SG (Brazoswood) So. 7.6ppg

Thursday, April 10
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