Brave Pride Jr. Football: Scholarship Application 2014

Brave Pride Scholarship Form


1.      Once you have opened select the applicable form that you wish to complete by choosing the correct tab on the left hand side of the website, i.e., Player Registration, Coach’s Registration or the Scholarship Application

2.      Click on the link immediately below these instructions entitled "Brave Pride Scholarship Form." You will be directed to a web page with a link to a .pdf document

3.      Click on that link to the .pdf document and a window will pop up

4.      This window will ask you if you wish to download the applicable form, click on “download now”

5.      The applicable form will appear on your screen

6.      Complete the form by using your keyboard to enter the required information

7.      Save this form to your computer by clicking on the disk icon in your pdf reader program and save the document with your child’s last name, the current year and the name of the applicable form. For example “Smith-2013-Registration Form”

8.      Print the completed form and sign it where a signature is required

9.      Scan this document back into your computer and save it to your computer again so it can be attached to an email. Remember to save this document as a .pdf file.

10.  Send an email with the completed form as an attachment to

If you have questions, please contact the Franchise Secretary at 206-368-5524.

Handout: Brave Pride Scholarship Form