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Thursday, May 13

Thursday, May 13
Participation in both school tackle football or any other non-affiliated football program and Pop Warner football is not permitted under National Pop Warner rules.  A participant found to be participating in another football program will automatically be dropped from the team.  The association may seek legal/monetary damage if the association finds the participant had knowingly concealed participation in another football program while participating in Pop Warner football.

Monday, August 18
Welcome to Braintree Pop Warner Football


Below are the most commonly asked questions

Why is registration so early?

Answer: The league has grown in popularity to the point that game scheduling has become a major time-consuming issue for Pop Warner. In the last few years, because new teams were being added late and other teams dropped out just before the season began, the game schedule was not published until the weekend before the season started. In order to accommodate the growth of the league, and to discourage towns from submitting more teams than they will actually have, the league has requested that all associations conduct registration early, in order to declare the actual amount of teams they will have this year by June 1. (Any changes to the amount of teams will result in a fine to Braintree Pop Warner.) As a result of this early declaration, league-wide game scheduling will be completed by early August and planning for each association and their families will be much improved.

Is the registration fee non-refundable?

Answer:  Yes the Registration fee before August 1st if 100% refundable (minus an administrative fee of $25.00). After August 1st and before August 15th there is a 50% refundable amount.  On or after August 15th there is no refund.  If we do not field a team for your level the fee is 100% refundable.   

In football, how is it determined at which team level (Mitey-mite, Jr. Peewee,
Peewee, Jr. Midget, or Midget) a child will play at?

Answer: In Pop Warner football a child’s playing level is determined by a weight first - age second policy. For safety reasons and to conform with practiced league wide policy all children will be placed in the lowest level allowed by the Pop Warner rules. Braintree Pop Warner will use the child’s weight and playing age determined at registration to place a child on a team on a preliminary basis. The players will be weighed several times during pre-season and the determination of their playing level will be determined at the league-wide Master Weigh-in just before the season begins.  

What are the current age and weight requirement for Braintree Pop Warner?

Answer: Age is as of July 31st of the current year.  See chart below for weight requirements 2018:

Top of Form
Weight Chart - 2014 SeasonBottom of Form
Team Player Age Limit Weight Limit
E Mitey Mite 7 - 8 - 9 45 to 100lbs
2nd Year 9 old 45 to 75lbs
D Jr. PeeWee 8 - 9 - 10 60 to 115lbs
Older / Lighter 11 60 to 95lbs
C PeeWee 9 - 10 - 11 75 to 130lbs
Older / Lighter 12 75 to 110lbs
B Jr.Varsity 10 - 11 - 12 90 to 155lbs
Older / Lighter 13 90 to 135lbs
A Unlimited 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 105 to Unl.
H.S Player 14
105 to 170lbs
Weight does not apply to cheerleading.

In Pop Warner football, what does the minimum mandatory play rule mean?

Answer: In accordance with National Pop Warner rules, Braintree Pop Warner will abide by the established minimum mandatory play rules (MPR). The number of minimum plays for each player is determined by the number of players eligible for that day’s game. See the following chart. 

# of Eligible Players # of Minimum Plays
16 - 25 10
26 - 30 8
31 - 35 6

Exceptions:  Missed practices. The mandatory minimum play rule is affected by the player’s participation at practice during the week before the game. For instance, if a player misses one of two practices that player’s minimum number of mandatory plays is reduced by the same ratio, in this case, by half.

Example: 20 eligible players at game = 10 minimum plays per player.
Player X missed 1 of 2 practices during the week.
Player X is entitled to 5 minimum plays.

Does not practice.
If a player does not practice during the week before a game that player forfeits his minimum play entitlement and the number of plays is determined by the coach. This policy is as much for safety reasons as it is for learning and responsibility to teammates. We do acknowledge that homework comes first, however, we expect participants to find time to study and play.

What equipment do you provide?

Answer: Braintree Pop Warner provides:

  • helmet
  • shoulder pads
  • practice jersey
  • game jerseys  (2)( white and blue)
  •  game pants
  • mouth guard

All the above equipment, except the mouth-guard is due at the end of the season. Failure to return equipment on or before the return date may result in your being billed for the missing items.

What equipment do I have to provide?

Answer: You will need to provide:

  • an athletic supporter
  • cleats

The above equipment is yours to keep at the end of the season. You may purchase optional equipment such as, forearm pads, chin sleeves, etc. You should discuss your need for such equipment with your coach prior to purchase. (Metal cleats are not allowed and rubber cleats must not exceed ½”).

When and where do I get the equipment you provide?

Answer: Football player equipment will be distributed by team on specified evenings and weekends after the first week of practice.  During the first week of practice only helmets, t-shirts and shorts are worn.  Players must have 10 hours of conditioning before practicing with full equipment. You will sign a contract with all the equipment  and prices of each item that you are receiving.  

Where do I get the equipment I have to provide?

Answer: All optional equipment can be purchased at any major sporting goods store such as Dick's Sporting Goods.

What if I have a problem with my equipment?

Answer: Most equipment problems can be resolved by making simple adjustments with the right tools. See your coach or the equipment manager for assistance.

What if my helmet hurts my head?

Answer: Your helmet must fit tightly to protect your head, so it’s very common for your helmet to hurt your head for the first couple of weeks. We recommend that you wear your helmet for 30 minutes or so each day before practice. If your helmet still causes discomfort after a couple of days, see your coach or the equipment manager for assistance.

How do I take care of my equipment?


Game Uniform:

·        Do not Dry pants in dryer hang up to dry

·        Wash with like colors

·        Do not use bleach                           


·        Wash inside and out with mild soap and water as needed

·        Tighten loose screws as needed

·        Contact the equipment manager if any part of the helmet is damaged or missing                          

Shoulder Pads and Rib pads:

·        Wash with mild soap and water as needed

·        Contact the equipment manager if straps or laces are torn or cut  

Note:            PLEASE wash all equipment when received 

What if I return my equipment later than the return date?

Answer: Late returns mean extra trips to the equipment room, additional paperwork and hours of extra work for the equipment manager. Late equipment returns will result in a fine.

What if I lose or damage some or all of my equipment?

Answer: Normal wear and tear on football equipment is expected. However, you will be billed for replacement of lost or abused equipment. 

 Please mark your calendar!  

Important Dates

Equipment Handout:  TBA


First Night of Practice: August 1, 2018


Practices run on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, 5:00-7:00 through August and in September usually 2-3 days a week the coach plans the schedule.   


Official Mandatory Weigh-In:  August 25th 2018


 Missing the Official Weigh-in results in the player being ineligible for the first game.



Season Opening Games: First game will be the weekend of Sept 8/9



Pop Warner is the only youth organization that has a National program to recognize its scholar athletes. The program recognizes scholar-athletes at Conference, Regional and National levels. 


At Pop Warner, it's not just about football, it's about building life-long characteristic traits in our youth, both boys and girls.  Although this is accomplished with football as our vehicle, we teach the fundamentals to achieve this goal.

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