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Braintree American Little League: Contacts  


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Last updated
07-23-18 10:19 AM
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Braintree American
Web Site Contact
348 Pond Street
Braintree, Massachusetts
2018 Board of Directors
Name Position:  Email: Phone:  
Steve Guilbault President 781-843-0151  
Joe O'Connor  Vice-President      
Nick Dimartino Vice-President  781-812-3538  
Sonia Danahy  Treasurer    
Joe Victor  Registrar  339-237-1706  
Mark Preziosi  Past President  781-356-4800  
Roy Googins  Alumni Director    
Dave Hurley  Major's Director   617-838-2925  
Mike McLaughlin Asst. Major's Director  781-710-9151  
Mike Degulis AAA Director  617-429-5969  
Dan Zelano AA Director  857-284-9142  
Tom Miller Asst. AA Director  781-964-2798  
Joe Molloy T-Ball Director  617-984-9535  
Frank DeFrancesco Majors Coach / Umpires  781-799-5298  
Wally Ryan Jr. Umpire Director  617-930-1078  
Dave Carey Sponsors  617-519-9955  
Steve Pratt Major's Coach / Summer Schedule  617-759-0896  
Kevin Carney Majors Coach / Safety Director  339-235-0561  
Tom Hubbard Majors Coach / Schedule  617-290-1413  
Rob Divito Majors Coach  617 230-8675  
Mike Freeman Majors Coach  508-922-3130  
Joe Collins Complex Improvements  617-593-3681  
Mike Moschella Majors Coach / Volunteer Director    
Joe Vannelli Snack Bar Operations  617-549-4886  
Dave Fasano  Cookout Director  781-910-7621  
Mike Joyce Skills Coordinator  617-347-0081   
Bob Lawton  671-828-6472  

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Braintree American Little League

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"The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." - Babe Ruth