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Braintree American Little League: Snack Bar / D.O.D  


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Braintree, Massachusetts
Snack Bar Coverage D.O.D Coverage
Friday May 16 5:30-Close Cardinals-AAA 5:00-Close Kevin Carney
Saturday May 17
12:00 - 2:00 Cubs-AAA 12:00-2:00 Dave Hurley
2:00 - 4:00  White Sox / Cards
Majors - Split
2:00 - 4:00  Nick Dimartino
4:00 - 6:00 Astros-AAA 4:00 - 6:00 Dave Carey
6:00-Close Mariners-Majors 6:00-Close Frank / Joe
Monday May 19 5:30-Close
White Sox-Majors
5:00-Close Joe Collins
Tuesday May 20
5:30-Close Indians-Majors 5:00-Close Mike Joyce
Wed May 21 5:30-Close As-Majors 5:00-Close John Richiardi
Thursday May 22
5:30-Close Reds-Majors 5:00-Close Bobby Lawton
Friday May 23 5:30-Close Phillies-AA 5:00-Close Dave Fasano
Saturday May 24
8:00-10:00 Cardinals-Majors 8:00-10:00 Mark Preziosi
Red Sox-Majors 10:00-12:00 Joe Victor
12:00-2:00 Cardinals-AA 12:00-2:00 Nick Dimartino
2:00-Close Padres-AA 2:00-Close Frank D  
Monday May 26 5:30-Close Mets-AA 5:00-Close Tom Miller
Tuesday May 27
5:30-Close Dodgers-AA 5:00-Close
Mike McLaughlin
Wed May 28 5:30-Close Phillies-AA 5:00-Close Dave Carey
Thursday May 29
5:30-Close Phillies-AAA 5:00-Close Mike Joyce
Friday May 30 5:30-Close Reds-AA 5:00-Close Richard Joyce
Saturday May 31
8:00-10:00 Reds-AAA 8:00-10:00 Mark Preziosi
Rangers-AAA 10:00-12:00 B Tomasetta
12:00-2:00 Red Sox-AAA 12:00-2:00 Dave Hurley
2:00-Close As-AAA 2:00-Close PJ White  
Monday June 2 5:30-Close Reds-AA 5:00-Close John Richardi
Tuesday June 3 5:30-Close Astros-AAA 5:00-Close Dave Fasano
Wed June 4 5:30-Close Dodgers-AAA 5:00-Close Kevin Carney
Thursday June 5
5:30-Close Angels-AA 5:00-Close Bobby Lawton
Friday June 6 5:30-Close Mariners-AA 5:00-Close Joe Victor
Saturday June 7 8:00-10:00 As-AA 8:00-10:00 Mark Preziosi
Braves-AA 10:00-12:00 Steve Pratt
12:00-2:00 Twins-AA 12:00-2:00 Mike Degulis
2:00-Close Red Sox-AA 2:00-Close M McLaughlin

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Braintree American Little League

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