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Tuesday, August 18
Congratulations to 10B White for winning the SYBL Championship!
10b white new

Monday, August 17
Congratulations to 11B Blue for repeating as SYBL Champs!
11B Blue SYBL

Tuesday, July 28
Congrats to the 12A's for winning Section 2 and advancing to the States!
12a sectional

The State Tournament kicks off Wednesday July 29. 

Thursday, July 23
Upcoming Sectional Games

Friday July 24-8:00 (Brooks Field)

12 Yr Old Section 2 Final: Braintree American vs Northboro 


Saturday July 25-12:00 (Brooks Fields)

11 Yr Old Section 2 Final: Braintree American vs TBD 

Monday, July 20
Congratulations to the 11A's for winning the District Title!
11A District

Friday, July 17
Congratulations to the 12A team for winning District 8 and advancing to Sectionals!
12A District

Thursday, July 16
Upcoming Sectional/District games:

Thursday July 16:

 6:00 PM (Brooks Field)-10A Sectional Pool Play vs Middleboro

8:00 PM (Brooks Field)-12A District 8 Final vs Whitman


Friday July 17:

 8:00 PM (Brooks Field)-11A District 8 Final vs East Braintree


Tuesday, July 14
Congratulations to 12B White for winning the Braintree Tournament!
12b white

Tuesday, July 14
Congratulations to 11B Blue for winning the Braintree Tournament!

Tuesday, July 14
Congratulations to 10B Blue for winning the Braintree Tournament!
10b Blue

Monday, July 13
Congratulations to the 10A's for winning the District 8 Title!
10A District

Friday, July 10
Congratulations to the 10A and 12A's for making it past District 8 pool play!

Come support both teams this weekend as they each play at home:


Saturday July 11, 8:00 PM:

10s District 8 Final: East Braintree at Braintree American


Sunday July 12, 8:00 PM:

12s Quarterfinals: Weymouth American at Braintree American


Good luck to both teams! 


Thursday, June 25
Congratulations to the AA9 Red Sox and AAA Cardinals on their Championships!
AA9 Champs

AAA Champs

Monday, June 22
Congratulations to the Reds for winning the Majors Championship and finishing 21-0!
reds title

Monday, June 22
reds Tommy and Roy

Friday, June 19
Congratulations to the Padres for winning the AA8 Championship!
Padres AA8

Monday, June 8
Congratulations to Danny Hannigan for winning the 2015 HR Derby!
Danny Hannigan

Monday, June 8
Congratulations to the Majors Regular Season First Place undefeated Reds!
Reds regular season

Wednesday, May 27
Majors Tryouts Schedule

Saturday June 13:

8:00 AM-Current 9 yr olds, Brooks Field

 Registration begins at 7:15 AM

Sunday June 14:

 8:00 AM-Current 10 and 11 yr olds, Brooks Field

Registration begins at 7:15 AM 

If inclement weather please check website for revised schedule

Any questions, email Steve Pratt, 


Wednesday, May 27
BBQ Day Schedule

BBQ Day-Sunday June 7:

8:00 AM:

9A All Star Game-Brooks Field

9B All Star Game-Googins Field

 9:30 AM:

10 yr old All Star Game-Tarallo Field

10:00 AM :

8 yr old All Star Game -Googins Field

11 yr old All Star Game-Rull Field

12 yr old All Star Game-Brooks Field

 12:00 PM:

 Hall of Fame Induction-Brooks Field

12:30 PM (or immediatley following Hall of Fame Induction):

Homerun Derby 





Sunday, February 22
Update on School Rule

There has been a lot of questions of the School Rule over the last several weeks during registration.

The school rule is secondary to the street you live on , so if you reside on a street that is on Braintree American's boundary nothing changes. What this allows is that if you lived on a street on the East Braintree side of the boundary but went to a school on our side like Liberty or Flaherty you could play in Braintree American.

Below is the current status of how this rules applies to the town of Braintree.

  • Due to there being a centralized Kindergarten in Braintree, Little League has issued a waiver that only allows this rule to apply beginning in the 1st grade.
  • There is also a boundary change effective this year that puts Hollis School on the East Braintree side of the boundary. If you are on the left side of Washington street as you are heading to Quincy and go to Hollis school then you are on a Braintree American street and nothing changes. What this does is balance each league with 3 schools as it applies to the school rule.


10s state title
Congratulations to the 10A Team - State Champs

Tuesday, August 5
Congratulations to the 10B Blue team for winning the Suburban League!


Tuesday, August 5
Congratulations to the 11B White team for winning the Suburban League!

11B Suburban

2014 Home Run Derby Champion - Myles McDermott
2014 Champ - Myles McDermott

2011 Champ Chris Joyce - Myles and AA Champs - Jack Ryan and Deni Tabaku

Monday, June 23
Congratulations to the 11B team for winning the Kingston Tournament!

11B Kingston

Saturday, June 28
Congratulations to the Regular Season Champions!



Majors-Red Sox 



red sox

Monday, July 14
Congratulations to the 10A team for winning Section 2

The 10A's will now advance to the State Tournament!



10s Sectional

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