Bradley Sports: Adults Personal Training

The number one benefit to Personal Training is accountability and most people want to make changes, but cannot really commit to it. Bradley Sports will make you committed to showing up and keep you on track to your fitness goals.

A large part of what we do at Bradley Sports especially for adults getting back on track with their fitness goals as well as our older adults, preventing injury is another key benefit. Sometimes people don’t know when what they are doing is negatively affecting them, especially older adults who may not to be as body-aware as younger ones.


·        We can objectively assess your fitness needs: Is it your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness or strength that requires improvement? Do you need to lose weight? Is your current workout the right one for you?


·        We have the professional education to assess your body, your experience, your limitations and your goals.


·        We will motivate you!


·        Customized Sessions (1:1 and Group)

What we do with our customized sessions is come out to you at work or home for your sessions. The fact of the matter is that most people have a main reason that gets in the way of staying on top of their personal fitness goals which is LIFE! Bradley Sports takes into account your life demands and make sure your able to workout around your demands as a parent, spouse, student, professional, and community leaders.

This is done by creating a customized route/routine for the gym inside your home or work or around the area your home/work that you will follow with your trainer but also follow until the next time that you workout with your trainer. What this does is two things: keeps you on track to reach your fitness goals and SAVES YOU MONEY! This also allows you to get others involved to support you as well as reach their fitness goals.

·        Standard Sessions (1:1 and Group)

We do the exact same thing as the custom routines but we only do them at our centralized location-at or near Salem High school and at certain times (most are scheduled around school hours to provide access to the indoor gym during colder seasons).



Customized Sessions

Rates per person

Mileage Fee (only for Customized Session and per session)

Monthly Payment Option (2 sessions per week)

Discounted Rates





1 week for FREE

Group (2 or more)



$210 per person

1 week for FREE

Standard Sessions









1 FREE WORKOUT session

Group (2 or more)




1 FREE WORKOUT session

Examples of payment options:

1.      Customized 1:1-you pay per session rate of $40 for each session we come out for your workout.

2.      Customized 1:1 (monthly rate)-you pay 50% on the 1st and 50% on the 15th but you get 2 sessions per week for the 30 day period.

3.      Customized Group-you pay $25 per person working out with a $10 Mileage Fee (so the total amount per person for 4 people is $27.50 due at the start of the workout).

4.      Customized Group (monthly rate)-your group would pay $210 per person per month and get a week of workouts for FREE (payments are made on the 1st and 15th of the month for the 30 day period).

5.      Standard 1:1-you pay the $20 rate or $140 monthly (which means you pay the normal $20 rate and get ONE FREE WORKOUT SESSION per 30 day period).

6.      Standard Group-you pay $25 per person per workout or $175 monthly per person (which means you pay the normal $25 rate and get ONE FREE WORKOUT SESSION per 30 day period).


NOTE: if you have a scheduled appointment and do not call 2 hours prior to cancel or do not show up, you have a 100% fee of the cost of that session billed to your account!

To schedule your workouts, please contact Coach Bradley at 678-687-5987 or or @bradleysportsga on Twitter. 


Everyday is a Training Day......let's get started on the goals you have for yourself!