Bradley Sports: Basketball Sessions 2013

Our sessions will be conducted at three locations, Salem High School Gym, Johnson Park Gym, and Salem High School-Stadium from 3:30-8:30 (check schedules for exact locations and times), Sunday-Thursday. This allows us to lower our prices but still offer the quality professional training that we think players deserve.  






Activities Offered

Salem HS-Stadium

(Group session)

$10 per player per session



(45 min. sessions)

*check with Coach Bradley for exact times weekly


Strength and conditioning related to sports activities (explosive drill work, sand work, and footwork)

Salem HS or Johnson Park Gym      

(Check with Coach Bradley)


 (Group sessions)

$20 per player per session



(all players) 


(Guard/Wing players only) 




(60 min. session)


Dribbling, passing, shooting, footwork, defensive drills, and conditioning work.

Salem or Johnson Park Gym

(check with Coach Bradley) 

(Individual sessions)

$50 per players per session

All ages


(60 min. sessions)

Available by appointment on any day during the week (Sunday-Thursday)

Overall game: Offensive, Defensive, and Strength &Conditioning 

Payment and other needed information:

  1. You can pay in cash or check. Each fee is based on a per session rate so you will get one session per listed fee. If you pay in a cash payment, you will receive a receipt with a list of your services that have been paid for in full. If you pay by check, please make the check out to the following, Bradley Sports as well as list which service(s) that the funds will cover in the memo section of your check. (NOTE: we do have a $35 return check fee associated with all checks that are not able to be processed and the amount due for sessions completed will need to be in the form of cash if you have a NSF). 
  2. Each session is paid in full prior to the start of the session so please allow a 10-15 minute arrival time for first time clients.
  3. You will need to sign-in and sign-out your children personally. YOUR CHILD CAN'T SIGN FOR YOU (ages 8-12).
  4. All first time clients will have to complete a Bradley Sports Packet with a medical release and waiver form prior to participating in any session.
  5. Please be on time to pick up your child. We will start on time and end on time.

It is a great opportunity to pick and choose your child's package without loosing out on the valuable lessons that our clinic was going to offer.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Bradley at  678-687-5987 or or Donna Samuel, Director of Operations at 678-997-0071 or

"Everyday is a Training Day"