Braden River Little League: Rain-outs / Weather Policy

Thursday, August 17
Letter from the President Regarding Rain-Outs

Good afternoon BRLL families,
As many families are new to the league and some have been here for some time, we wanted to address the policies and procedures for rainouts/inclement weather. 
Florida weather is tricky, it could be down pouring on one side of the street and sunny on the other.  With that being said, we usually wait towards the end of the day before calling games.  As part of a new process, BRLL will have a board member, groundskeeper, or county official observe the conditions of the field prior to calling the games.  We will usually not have a decision until 4:30 pm on game day. 
If the board deems that the fields are unplayable we will notify the team managers and team parents via email and text around 5:00-5:30 pm.  We rely on these people to communicate out to the members of their teams.  There will be times that the fields are playable when first observed but later towards game time the fields become unplayable, Florida weather is unpredictable! 
We will also be keeping status updates on our Braden River Little League Facebook page.  Along with notifying the managers and team parents, the Facebook page will be updated around the same time 5:00-5:30 pm.  Please LIKE the BRLL facebook page to get updates, as well.
Having five (5) fields there are also times that some of the fields are playable and others are not.  We have an order of getting the games in.  First priority will be the Majors games, followed by Minors, then AA (Pitching Machine) and then T-Ball.  If you have more than one (1) child in the league that might be a situation that one division is cancelled and the other is still playing.  Please understand the order of priority.
We want to play as much baseball as we can but we always make decisions with the player’s safety in mind first.  We will also consider the fields as we do not want to damage them.  Having said this, even if you see that the weather is clear (that the rain has stopped for some time) or the fields have very little standing water, please respect the decision being made.  We are making our decisions based on safety and the field care in that order.
We ask that you do not inundate the board with questions regarding whether or not games are being played prior to us communicating with your team representatives and through Facebook.  We understand that all parents want to know ASAP if the games are cancelled and it is our mission to provide that information as quickly as possible.
Thank you and have a great season!
Braden River Little League