Boyd Youth Association: Meeting Minutes

Friday, August 12

July 12th, 2011





Wendi: calls meeting to order 6:39pm


Kim: announcement of Treasurer’s Report




Football-12293.06-5562.00 to be paid for outstanding invoice.


Football notes


1.       There is a lot of money still oustanding with football and he will be talking to all coaches tonight.

2.       Cheer Scholorships:  3 paid scholorships total sponsored by BYA

3.       Billy will followup with Kim as a total of football scholorships

4.       Still have camp money that has not been turned paid

(any outstanding football/camp that has not been paid needs to be paid before 7/25 before we can order uniforms.

5.        Not a date for Cheer camp yet…Angela will post when she gets confirmation

6.       Coupon books will be handed out to coaches/parents for the discount july 23rd 25% NCT day

7.       NCT will be strict(any football/cheerleading coaches) will be asked to leave field if the are not wearing their badge…must be wore at all times.

Action Item:  Weigh in August 13th, 9:00am in Decatur 

Boyd Days-old football stadium (all board members must be there at 7:00am for setup)

Action Item:  Anna will get orange or yellow tape to mark off area 

>Date: August 20th, 2011 9:00am – over

>coaches will be ref’s

>football pictures will be that morning

>trade and save program for uniforms(bring all used clothing and equipment)

>charge $2.00 Adult and $1.00 for children

>Baskets for fundraiser 6 football and 5 cheer (11 total)

                (50% off baskets will go toward scholorships for future )

 Action Item: Baskets are due August 15th, 2011…all teams must bring to practice on Monday. 

Billy will have a ref’s meeting to communicate the safety of all players.


Concession stands

Tracie will be meeting with Mr. West on use of the high school concession stand

Bya needs to inventory all concessions stand food and equipment

All Board members eat free-(children of board members will have to pay in advance) no tabs will be set up….please pay in advance.  (if a child is working they are free)


7:33pm closed Session


Meeting Meeting

Closed Session


Member vote:

All in favor:  All Parents/Guardians will have right to vote  for commissioner positions

No financials, no executive board etc.

Voting will take place October of each year

Time Starts January

All members will have two year term


Billy motions and Kim seconds-all infavor