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Category: Developing a Style
Type: Reference



Your arm swing is the basic action your arm goes through to make your shot. There are several different movements which comprise your arm swing.

1. The initial movement is known as the "push away," which is basically what it sounds like. It's the pushing away of the ball away from your body to begin the swing.

2. Once you push the ball away, you should keep your arm straight and begin the pendulum motion of the swing, bringing the ball behind your body.

3. When you start to bring the ball behind you, this is known as the "backswing."

4. Once you finish your backswing and the ball starts to move forward again, this is called the "swing."

5. Finally, after the ball is released down the lane, your arm should continue in an upward fashion, this is called the "follow through."


There are two basic types of releases.

1. For straight bowlers, it is relatively easy. Your hand should maintain the same position throughout your swing.        

2. For those who choose to throw a hook or curve, it is slightly different. When coming through your swing and are about to release the ball, your thumb will rotate 90 degrees from a 12:00 position to a 9:00 position, in a smooth fashion. This rotation will help generate the revolution you need to hook or curve the ball.


Timing is the ability to execute your approach & arm swing with consistent rhythm, tempo, & balance. Timing is extremely important, and will take practice to achieve. The benefits of good timing are a consistent release, some degree of control and hopefully high scoring.

Submitted by: Coach Melad

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