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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Reference


These tips are for bowlers who average 180 or more and have grasped most of the concepts of bowling.

1. Work on mental game. Stay positive.

2. When bowling against someone, concentrate on your own bowling, not on your opponents.

3. When you make a mistake, forget it. Don't dwell on something that cannot be changed.

4. Recognize ever-changing lane conditions and oil patterns. Make sure to adjust accordingly.

5. Remember your previous shots. Throughout the evening, lane conditions and oil patterns will break down. Make sure to maintain target and move your feet to the left a few boards to adjust.

6. Carry several different balls for different lane conditions.

7. Bowl in several different leagues in multiple bowling centers to learn to adjust to different lane conditions.

8. If you have trouble carrying the corner pins, try moving your feet to the left or right one board to alter the angle of your ball into the pocket.

9. If moving left or right doesn't work, try moving your feet forward or backwards 6 inches.

10. When left with a tough split, try to pick up as many pins as possible. Every pin counts.

11. Pay attention to how you are lined up. Are you out of position?

12. Improve your accuracy by concentrating on individual boards rather than general areas.

13. If lane conditions are breaking down and your ball is hooking too much, try spotting your target a few feet further up the lane.

14. Join leagues with tougher competition, such as scratch leagues (no handicap).

Submitted by: Coach Melad

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