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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Tip


For bowlers in the 140-180 averages, here are some tips for you.

1. Practice picking up your single pin spares, especially the corner pins (7 & 10 pins). The difference between being an average bowler and a good bowler is the ability to consistently pick up your spares.

2. Have a different type ball to pick up the harder spares, such as the 10 pin. A plastic ball will go much straighter.

3. When picking up the 10 pin, right handed bowlers should maintain the same target, move your feet to the left, and throw your ball hard & straight.

4. When picking up spares to the left of the headpin, move feet to the right several boards, and maintain same target.

5. When picking up small splits such as the baby split (3-10 split or 2-7 split) try to hit the side of the closest pin and carom the ball from one pin into the next.

6. Carry a kit in your bowling bag with bowlers tape, powder, rosin bag, aspirin, band aids, etc.

7. Avoid getting bowling shoes wet or sticky to ensure a nice smooth slide.

8. Carry an extra pair of shoes in your bag.

9. Set goals to raise your average.

10. Work on consistency, avoid the "blow-up" frames resulting in 4 or below.

11. Establish a routine. Try to follow the same steps in your approach & swing.

12. Try to join bowling clubs and leagues aimed towards lower handicapped bowlers.

13. Before league play, make sure to make the most of the practice time they allow you. Find a line that works for you.

Submitted by: Coach Melad

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