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Category: Fundamentals of Bowling
Type: Tip



Although we list these as "tips for beginning bowlers," these are basic principles for bowlers of all levels.

1. Choose a ball with a weight that your are comfortable handling.

2. When aiming, find a target on the lane (like one of the seven arrows or one of the boards on the lane) and focus on throwing your ball through that target.

3. Keep your head still throughout your approach. If your head is bobbing, it is harder to concentrate on your target.

4. Keep your arm straight and relaxed throughout your arm swing.

5. Concentrate on staying balanced throughout your approach.

6. Be aware of the foul line so you do not accidentally cross it.

7. Choose a style of bowling (straight, hook, or curve) and stick with it. Try not to get too frustrated and abandon it just because you not having a good game.

8. Practice picking up your spares.

9. During your approach, make sure you walk in a straight line. Avoid drifting.

10. Try to keep your shoulders square with the foul line.

11. Constantly watch other experienced bowlers to pick up subtle tips.

12. Keep your weight centered over your feet to help your balance. Do not lean forward.

13. Make sure you are warmed up prior to bowling. Loosen up by stretching and holding your bowling ball, rocking it back & forth.

14. Buy your own equipment and maintain it well.

15. Save money by asking about specials on game prices or rental of lanes.

16. Wear non-restrictive clothing, nothing that binds. It is important to be comfortable.

17. Have fun.

Submitted by: Coach Melad

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