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Category: Developing a Style
Type: Reference



After you have chosen a ball, it is extremely important to choose the proper grip style. Your grip is very important in your release and the way your ball travels down the lane. Two basic grips exist and choosing one will depend both comfort and desired ball movement.

1. The "conventional grip" is the standard grip typically seen in a "house ball" (a ball provided by the bowling center). This type of drilling allows the middle & ring finger to slide into the ball down to the second joint or knuckle, and the thumb to enter a third hole below. This enables the bowler to have a pretty firm grasp of the ball.   Because it is easier to control, the conventional grip is used by beginners throwing a straight shot

2. The "fingertip grip" is a much different type of grip, typically used by more experienced bowlers looking to throw a hook or a curve. Because the release of the ball with a hook or curve is much different than that of a straight ball, the fingertip grip is used to ease in a bowler's fingers slipping out of the ball much easier. It is drilled in a fashion in which only the very tips of your middle & ring fingers (down to the first knuckle or joint) slide into the ball.   

There are several things you should do in deciding which grip is right for you.

1. Determine which way you want to throw the ball. Do you throw a straight ball or a hook/curve?

2. Consult with a reputable pro shop about which grip would work best for you.

3. Have a more experienced bowler, or the center's pro, evaluate your swing.

4. Make sure the span of your grip (distance between your fingers & your thumb) is comfortable so there is no unnecessary strain in holding & handling your ball.

5. Most importantly: go with whatever feels most comfortable.

Submitted by: Coach Melad

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