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Category: Equipment
Type: Reference


There are many different bowling products which could help and assist your game.

1. Bowling shoes are necessary, with comfort being the key. Make sure they fit well and enable you to slide easily.

2. Wrist braces are a very effective tool in bowling. If you have trouble keeping your wrist firm throughout your swing, a brace may be very helpful. If not, a brace may still be a good idea because it allows your wrist to maintain a stable position, which could help your consistency.

3. For people with knee or elbow problems, there are braces to help prevent any unnecessary strain or injury.

4. Rosin bags are available for those who have trouble keeping their hand dry from sweat. Rosin can help to grip the ball well. This can be used in conjunction with the air blower to keep your hands dry.

5. "Bowlers tape" is used in strips to be added/removed in your thumbhole to create a tighter/looser fit. The size of the hole should be snug enough to give you slight resistance when releasing the ball.

-There are hundreds of other products out there, some good & some bad. Feel open to go to your local pro shop and ask questions whether or not they will help your game.

Submitted by: Coach Melad

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