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Category: Equipment
Type: Tip


Q. I am struggling with imparting revs on my ball. I have a 15lb ball and try to throw a gradual hook. In my effort to impart revs, I end up throwing my ball between 16 –18 MPH. I have fingertip grips but it always feels like I’m going to drop the ball on the downswing. I know part of the problem is I grip with the thumb on the downswing. Could the other part be that the ball is too heavy for me? With my build, 15 lbs shouldn’t be a problem but you never know. I used to throw 12 and 13 lbs house balls before buying my own ball.

A. This sounds more like the ball does not fit you quite right. If the thumbhole is too loose you could get the feeling of dropping the ball and that would cause you to grip it hard in the downswing. This is not something you want to keep doing. So first take the ball in and have it checked for fit at your pro shop. If you don't want to take it where you had it drilled go somewhere else for a second opinion. All shops will check it for free and make recommendations. You may only need to put some tape in the thumbhole to fix the problem. After having the grip checked and it is right. Then ask them for the name of a coach they would recommend for lessons. Bad timing can also cause you to lose the ball. A series of five or six lessons for our sport is a real bargain. Most of the time it will cost less than a new ball and they last a lifetime. Lessons are a good idea for everyone at all levels of the game. Eighteen is not too fast by the way. That is a very good speed for our game. So check out these other things first.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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