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Category: Equipment
Type: Tip


Q. I have trouble with approaches being either too slippery or to slow. I have heard there are alternatives to regular bowling shoes now. What can you tell me about these new adjustable shoes?

A. Yes there are choices in bowling shoes today. Linds makes the Lind Extra that has leather slide soles with holes in the sole in which you can place different textured buttons to adjust your slide. You can get smooth leather or Teflon, softer textured leather or you could use rubber to slow down your slide. These holes are in different spots on the slide sole and you can use a combination of buttons. Lind's are still made in the old regular bowling shoe look. They are well made and last a long time. They aren't quite as comfortable as the next two styles but are still very good shoes. Their web site is Then you can get Dexter's they have a newer modern look and feature interchangeable slide soles and heels. They start at very slow slide and progress to a very slick sole for long slide. They also come with the interchangeable heel for the same reason they range from sticky to slick for those of us who come down on the heel. Dexter's are very comfortable and the higher end shoe has a very wide footprint for better balance. The Dexter web site is Type bowling into the search box.

There is a new comer to the bowling shoe world, the ABS. It is distributed by Dyno-thane (yes, the bowling ball company.) They have the Tour Ultra the uppers are made from Kangaroo leather it is very strong flexible and lightweight. Some say they are like wearing slippers. They too have a wide footprint for stability and come with interchangeable soles and heels. You have a choice with ABS between a solid sole or you can easily make them into a button type sole for more slide combinations. Check with your local pro shop for more information or you can check them out on the web. The ABS web site is

None of the shoes listed above are cheap, but most are less than a new ball and last many years longer. For the advanced bowler these shoes can be just as important as the right ball.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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