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Category: Lane Conditions
Type: Tip


Q. When I bowl in league the first part of the night goes well but after a game and a half or so the ball starts to hook early and messes up my game. I try to move in deeper a board or two but the ball hooks even more. What can I do?

A. You are getting oil breakdown in the front part of the lane. Moving inside is the correct move. With today's equipment sometimes a board or two is not near enough. The modern bowling balls dry out the lanes further down and lots more than in the old days. It also has to do with the other players on your pair.

Example, if you are playing the 10 board and most of the others are playing deeper like 13 to 15. When the shot dries out for you, move 2 boards. You are moving into where they have been playing. BOOM! Your ball hooks more. You just moved to a spot they have just moved from. You have to go past that spot maybe as much as 5 boards to catch some head oil and then throw the ball to where they were playing. Today's game sometimes requires faster and larger moves than even 10 years ago. So, give it a try and it should solve your problem.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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