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Category: Developing a Style
Type: Tip


Q. I have been bowling for about ten years but I have always struggled with bending my elbow before the ball release. I put tape in the thumbhole so that my thumbhole isn't so big and also lately I have cut my approach almost in half standing much closer to the lane and not taking such a big approach. My coach said that this should help to make my elbow straighten out. However, this has caused a lot of inconsistency in my game. Is this a standard method to help with my problem and I am just not used to the new feel, or is there something else I should do to help with my problem?

A. Bending the elbow can be caused by many things. For example, the bad fit you were talking about makes you squeeze the ball, trying to control the swing too much and bad timing which can cause muscling the ball. I am at a disadvantage here, as I have not seen you bowl. Your coach knows your game if you trust the coach then you should give what he says a chance to work. It won't turn around immediately. It takes practice and time. If it doesn't get better in time then get another opinion.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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