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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Tip


Here are some New Years resolutions you can make to improve your game
over the next year. First, and I believe the most important, find a coach and
take some lessons. I don't mean from one of the guys or gals on your team, I
mean from a real coach. Bowlers for some reason seem to think that taking
lessons isn't cool. Please, drop that notion; most pro's and even the better
bowlers in your area got better because of lessons. Yes, lessons cost money,
but you can take a series of lessons for less than the cost of one of the
new high performance balls. Trust me the lessons will last much longer than
the ball. Then you must practice what you learn. Just because you got some
help that does not mean you magically transform into Walter Ray overnight.
It takes hours of practice to put it all together. You can't do it all at once it takes time to groove muscle memory. It would be better to practice every other day or so, 3 or 4 games, than to go every other week and bowl 20 or 30 games. Other things to do include going to the pro shop and checking your fit, have your equipment cleaned and resurfaced, and above all, keep it fun. Do these things and I guarantee your game will improve.

Have a very happy New Year.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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