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Category: Approach & Swing (Timing)
Type: Tip


Dear Coach Bob:

You helped me with some problems before, so I'm hoping you can be of some help again.

I put a good wee bit on my ball at the release. My ball speed is on the slow side. I've found that I bend my arm a little as the ball approaches my ankle, and this is taking a lot of speed off my ball even though I have a pretty high back swing.

In recent months I have calmed my shot down a lot, though I think this is still causing me to suffer a lot. Have you any ideas as to drills I could do to help straighten my arm?

Hope you can help!

Frustrated in Ireland

Dear Frustrated:

Bad timing can be a cause of a bent elbow. Muscling the ball into the back swing and then back down. You need to make sure you are in good time getting to the line. Check your video in slow motion and watch closely to see that you are not carrying the ball at the beginning of your approach.

Your body getting ahead of the ball would cause muscling. If you are in time then just keep working on not bending your elbow. Relax your arm and try not to hold the ball too tight.

Good luck!

Coach Bob

If you want to ask any questions please e-mail me at I enjoy hearing your opinions.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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