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Category: Mental Game
Type: Tip


Q. I bowl in a mixed league; all the bowlers in this league have decent averages. Most of us take the game seriously. Our problem is that there are some open lanes next to us and management insists on putting open play on the lane right next to us. We have to contend with kids running around and people fooling around and not paying attention. We have asked the lanes to leave one lane open and they refuse to listen. Can we ask the ABC to help or is there anything else we can do?

A. I am sorry I don't have a better answer for you. The ABC can't help with this problem and you have already asked the lanes. You might try this. Ask the lanes once more to leave one lane dark as this is not an unreasonable demand. Most lanes will leave one pair next to a league dark. If they still refuse then ask them to at least not put kids next to you and try to limit the play on that pair to other league bowlers. League bowlers know the courtesies of the game and should not be tremendously distracting. It is hard to blame the lanes for utilizing the space, but they should also make an effort to satisfy all of their customers. If you present this compromise to them, I think your problem might be solved. I can't believe they would want a whole league mad for a few extra bucks.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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