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Category: Approach & Swing (Timing)
Type: Tip


Q. Bob, I basically learned to bowl on my own and developed a 3-step approach. I recently received a new ball and would like to learn to throw a hook. Do I really need to change my approach to a four or five step approach, and if so which would be easier to learn now?

Also can you explain the basic mechanics of a hook, starting position etc. Any help would be appreciated!

A. Yes, Learning a four step approach would really be a big help. Three steps is too fast to get a proper swing. In order to get to the line in time with the ball, you have to muscle the ball too much. This makes for less accuracy. With four steps, you can smooth out the approach and allow for a free armswing. You need to get some lessons from a good accredited instructor. You can find one for your state by going to and click on instructors. I can maybe get you started here but you should follow up with someone to watch.

Start your four step approach with your right foot, if you are right handed. Make sure you start your pushaway at exactly the same time. Pretend your arm and leg are attached when one moves the other moves. Then just walk up along side the ball as it swings. Practice this at home with out a ball for awhile. You will soon get a feel for it. To throw a hook position you hand under the ball with your thumb pointing at 2:00 on the clock again for right handed, opposite for left at the release point turn your hand till the thumb is pointing to 10 or 11 on the clock. At the same time you use some slight upward pressure with the fingers. This is all a little tricky so please get some help with it. Learn the approach first before you try to add in the lift and turn. It might cost you some money for the lessons and it should. The coach had to spend time and money learning to help you. But if you love the game this will be money well spent.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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