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Category: Equipment
Type: Tip



Q. I've been bowling for years, at times in leagues but at the moment, just for recreation. Recently, my brother and his girlfriend got the bowling bug. So I bought both of them a bowling ball, shoes and bag for Christmas. For years, I have used baby powder when my fingers swelled up and got a little snug in the holes. Trying to get used to having a ball drilled to fit his fingers instead of the usual larger holed house balls, my brother was having difficulty getting the ball off his thumb. I told him to try using the powder… which he did. It worked, but then he got stuck again so I told him he just has to get used to releasing the ball, and that he doesn't have to hold it as tight as he was holding the house balls. Anyway, someone he works with apparently owned or worked at a bowling facility and she told him to use chapstick for the problem instead of powder (she said using the powder clogs the pours or something...). Have you ever heard of this and would you recommend it. And is using powder a good idea. Thanks!

A. The answer is no and no. I have never heard of using chapstick and I would not recommend it. I would think that it would be greasy. Powder won't hurt anything but be sure and be careful to keep it off the approach. If powder gets on the approach it can be dangerous to you and others. I don't know where he got the ball but it should not stick like that ever. I drill bowling balls as well as teach and when I get a ball finished. I always have the person roll it to me to make sure it comes off the hand cleanly. I also try to watch them bowl a few frames on the lanes to double check. If it is that tight something is wrong. The holes are either too small or maybe just needs to be worked out at the top of the hole some to get rid of a hang spot. Take it back to the pro shop and have it checked.

Submitted by: Bob Korth

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