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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Tip


A Bowler's Guide to a Good Release:

Now, I'm sure you have all watched the pro's on T.V. at one time or another. One thing that you probably notice about all of them is that their ball hits the pins with so much carrying power (the ball hits the pins with little or no deflection). The true secret to this is a good release. Below are a few things that will ensure you having a good release:

1. Now I am assuming that everyone who is reading this imparts at least a moderate degree of hook on their ball. When you release the bowling ball you want a few things to happen. One of them is for your thumb to leave the ball before your fingers do, allowing you to put a sufficient amount of roll on the ball. To do this put your fingers in the ball first and your thumbs in the ball last. During the bottom of your swing just think of letting your ball go with your thumb and not your fingers.   By doing this you will create a heavy enough roll that your ball will hook enough so when it hits the pins it carries all ten of them.

2. A good release also involves proper hand/wrist movement. If you really want to impart a good hook on the ball start your hand with your thumb at around one o'clock and keep it in this position until the bottom of your swing and then smoothly rotate it counter-clockwise to about ten o'clock. This will give you all the hook that the average bowler will ever need.

3. And finally, to have a good release you also need to be balanced throughout your swing. That way when you release the ball at the foul line you have the proper leverage needed so that your ball will finish in the backend.

4. Obviously none of these things I have mentioned will help you unless you have been properly fitted for a ball. Go to your nearest pro shop so you can be sure that your bowling ball fits you "like a glove."

Now, if you do all of these things that I have listed I can't guarantee that you will consistently bowl 300 games, but I can guarantee that you will be on your way to becoming a better bowler.

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