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Category: Developing a Style
Type: Philosophy


Q: Would anyone care to describe to me the difference between a full finger-tip grip and a semi finger-tip grip before I have to get my new ball drilled tonight? Any assistance is most appreciated, especially if I can understand the difference between the two.

A: With full fingertip drilling, the middle finger and ring finger are inserted to the first joint nearest the fingernail. With semi-fingertip drilling, the same fingers are inserted into the ball down to a point somewhere in the middle between the first and second joint. With conventional drilling, the same fingers are inserted down to the second joint on the same fingers. In all 3 of the drillings, the thumb is fully inserted into the ball.

Although the semi-fingertip drilling used to be somewhat popular years ago, it is rarely use today. The reason that you don't see it used much anymore is because it just doesn't fit as well as the full fingertip or conventional drilling, since these other two drillings insert the fingers right up to a joint on the fingers. Basically, the semi-fingertip really isn't a natural insertion depth into the ball....but the full fingertip drilling and the conventional drilling are both more natural setups.

If you are looking to advance your game, I would recommend that you switch to full fingertip drilling. The full fingertip allows you to better control the rotation of the ball, resulting in better pin action. Conventional drilling is fine for those starting out in bowling, but the full fingertip allows bowlers to take their game up a few notches. However, full fingertip might add to the complexity for new bowlers to adjust to. I've seen some who immediately became accustomed to the full fingertip drilling (within a game or two), and I've seen some who required a few weeks to adjust to full really depends on the individual bowler on how quick they can become comfortable with full fingertip.

Virtually all of the higher averagers switch to full fingertip, and very, very few ever want to switch back to conventional drilling. Although you would initially think that the full fingertip drilling would be harder to control, it is actually easier to control a full fingertip ball than a conventional drilling. When a full fingertip drilling is done correctly (by a competent driller), the full fingertip drilling actually allows you to use a heavier ball without increasing the loading on the body.

Give the full fingertip drilling some thought, instead of going with the semi-fingertip drilling. There are an occasional few who use semi-fingertip drilling, but only a few.

Submitted by: Board Discussion between eteamz users

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