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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Tip


Mistake Number One: Never let the facts get in the way of a bad decision.

“But I always play second arrow in this house!” But it’s not working tonight, is it? We often need to make a choice between playing the odds and creating new odds. There is almost always a risk versus reward situation going on when bowling on a given pair of lanes.

Trying not only a different line but maybe even a ball you normally wouldn’t even think of using might result in you saying, “Why in the world didn’t I try that before?” You may be missing out on a better scoring opportunity.

“You can’t steal second base if you always have one foot on first.”

Mistake Number Two: The number of rational hypotheses that can explain any given phenomenon is infinite.

It is very easy to over-think a problem. If you find yourself standing at the foul line with your hands on your hips and a disgusted look on your face, you may indeed be thinking too much.

When you are lost on the lanes, examine the last few moves you made and/or the ball choices you’ve tried and select the one that was the closest to getting you into the pocket … and try it again with a clear head and an open mind. Relax, execute a good shot and carefully analyze the results. General George Patton had a suggestion for times like this: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

Also, be willing to accept the results you get. Not every night is going to be “your night”. Thirty or forty under is always better than 100 under.

Mistake Number Three: Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but you can still pick yourself back up and continue on.

When you are bowling badly, you must be willing to accept the fact that you may be part of the problem. The best bowling ball in the world or the easiest pair of lanes in the house aren’t much help if you are not executing a good shot. The fish may be biting, but you have got to set the hook!

You can repeatedly miss the pocket or blow a 10-pin spare if your plan of attack is flawed or your mechanics are screwed up. Be honest with yourself and make a good assessment of how you are bowling.

What am I doing wrong? Is my hand position correct? Are my knees bent? Am I staying focused on my targets? Is my armswing staying in plane? Is it my pushaway that is messing up my timing? Whatever. Looking too far outside when we should be looking inside can easily result in very poor performance on the lanes.

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Submitted by: PactJim

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