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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Tip


Regardless of your bowling expertise, the best bowlers at any level usually have developed the ability to deliver the ball consistantly with the same approach, release and ball speed. Once you achieve a certain level of consistency, another problem that may crop up, and isn't so easy to identify, is rushing the line.

As you get more and more consistent with your approach and delivery, you may develop the tendency to try to speed up the process and "rush" towards the foul line. Once you start to "rush the line", it becomes real difficult to slow down, relax and get back to the basics that got you to your current level.

Most of the time, you can't even tell you are rushing the line at all. Some indications that you might be rushing the line are:

1) Topping the ball
2) diping/scooping at the line
3) feet at the line before the ball
4) The heal of your slide foot sticking on the approach
5) delivering the ball across your body instead of toward the pins

If you bowl regularly with the same bowlers, someone will "usually" mention that they think you might be rushing. Once you've "discovered" that you are rushing the line, count each step (One-One Thousand, Two-One Thousand, Three-One Thousand, Four-One Thousand) as you approach the foul line, and follow through just like the hundreds of times before. Disregard your current score and count intentionally slow. Make sure your arm swing is consistent with your feet and concentrate on NOTHING but hitting your target. You may have to count your way through your approach several times before your game slows down to what it should be and you feel comfortable again. You may have to count all night (some houses make me want to bowl faster than other houses). Do not stop counting until you hit your target!

Once you hit your target, watch the ball. You'll be amazed at the results and you can the start thinking about how to spend all that side pot money. Regardless of the house or conditions, if you find yourself rushing the line, try to count your way through it, to get your delivery back.

This tip was provided by eteamz user John Martin. If you have a tip you would like to provide, please send it to

Submitted by: John Martin

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