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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Tip


We watch the pro's on TV get strikes frame after frame. This is the result of talent, physical ability and thousands of hours of coaching and practice. Most of us regardless of our talent or physical ability do not have the time for the hours of practice and coaching needed to make us as proficient as the professionals. However, there is one part of bowling that we can do as well as anyone with only attention to detail, and that is get off to a good start. It takes only a little discipline to ensure that our starting position is the same each time.

Get in the habit of running through a mental checklist each time you step up on the approach to bowl. Such as:

· Are my feet properly placed- front to back, as well as side-to-side?
· Are my feet about a 1" a part with the toe of the ball side foot even with the instep of my sliding foot?
· Are my knees relaxed and bent slightly?
· Is my upper body relaxed; is my ball side shoulder slightly behind the sliding side shoulder?
· Is my ball in the proper position height wise?
· Is the ball side shoulder, elbow, wrist and index finger all in line?

There can be more or less to your starting checklist. Of course, every player may have slightly different checklists depending on their unique style. Our goal as players is to have a consistency to your approach and delivery to maximize the potential to make shot after shot the same; this consistency begins on the approach before you even take your first step!

Whatever your checklist consists of, do it each time you step upon the approach, ...the key here (as in much of bowling) is to be consistent. It is very difficult to have a consistent finish without a consistent beginning.

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