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Category: Quick Tips
Type: Tip


Below is a tip brought to you by eteamz user Constantine:

For these discussions I am going to assume the bowler is right-handed, so the lefties will need to reverse the feet and hand mentioned.

The Push-away -- Timing is crucial to maintaining accuracy, and the Push-away is the key to timing.
The push-away occurs on the first step of the 4 step delivery and the second step of the 5 step delivery. As your right foot goes forward, your right arm should be going forward as well. Imagine that you have a string attached from the bottom of your right hand to the top of right your foot. When your right foot hits the floor, your right arm should be fully extended and the push-away completed.

If your right foot and right hand are fully synchronized, then you can simply walk toward your target using a free arm swing. Gravity will do the rest of the work and your feet and the ball will be at the line at the same time every time.
Constantine is a frequent user of the eteamz Bowling Boards.

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