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Equipment Tips & Drills
Equipment Accesories - Coach Melad
Helpful assistance products

Equipment Bowling Ball - Coach Melad
Choosing your equipment

Equipment Rosin in the thumb hole...good or bad? - Bob Korth

Equipment Approaches too Slippery? - Bob Korth

Equipment Ask Bob - Putting powder on shoes - Bob Korth

Equipment Bowling Ball With Holes Drilled Too Tightly - Bob Korth
Question to Coach Bob regarding how to handle situation

Equipment Can a New Ball With Special Drilling Cause a Hook? - Bob Korth
Drilling can't bowl the ball for you

Equipment Choose Your Weapon - Robert H. Strickland
Choosing the right ball can pay big dividends.

Equipment Chosing the Right Kind of Ball - Sawbones
Using the right Ball during League Play

Equipment Coach B's advice on what type of ball & drilling to use on old lanes - Bob Korth

Equipment Do you have the right ball? - Bob Korth

Equipment Is it OK to use alcohol on a bowling ball? - Bob Korth

Equipment Proper drilling of the ball - Bob Korth

Equipment Revitalizing a Used Pro-Active Ball - Bob Korth
Coach Bob's advice for improving a Pro-Active Ball

Equipment Tip for Thumb Hole Issues - Bob Korth

Equipment Why have a pinkie finger hole? - Bob Korth

Equipment Will I Lose Carry with a Lighter ball? - Bob Korth
No, in fact you may even get more carry...

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