'bout That Basketball: ELEVATE Training System®

ELEVATE Basketball Training System®

In all three of our basketball training programs, we integrate the ELEVATE Basketball Training System® which is a module based approach to teaching the fundamentals of basketball and provides a method to measure the improvement of each individual player.  We take extra time to plan our practices and implement the ELEVATE modules into each practice session.   

The module based approach of the ELEVATE Basketball Training System® allows us to teach the core fundamentals at every practice.  Here's the breakdown of the different modules to show the skills progression a player will go through:   

Module 1: Core Fundamentals

The first stage of learning builds the foundation for learning fundamental skills, such as dribbling, ball handling, passing, shooting, and rebounding while understanding the basic rules of the game.  Each player learns the basic fundamentals of basketball through repetition and guided instruction.

Module 2: Individual and Team Play

The second stage allows the player to develop his individual skills and team play, in practice and game sessions. Players will experience progressive development of their skill base at a more competitive level, wherein the synchronization of the four basic skills will be applied in a team concept.  Basic offensive and defensive schemes are taught to improve the player's overall basketball abilities. 

Module 3: Competitive Greatness

The third stage is characterized by the application of advanced player specific skills, allowing players to dominate all aspects of the game in highly compeitive environments.  Players master the basic and advanced basketball skills through repitition and continous feedback, improving all aspects of a players game.  

During each module, the player's development is monitored and evaluated to ensure consistent progression throughout the module.  Our coaches ensure each player advances through the different modules and masters the specific objectives.

How do we intergrate the modules into our programs?  

We take the key teaching points of each module and implement it in all of our practices, clinics, and camps, which are well structured to provide an environment that is intense, competitive, and fun.  By integrating the modules into our instruction programs, our kids are more focused and engaged, allowing us to work on all major skill development areas. Here's an example of our practice plan template, showing how we integrate the modules into our practices:

1. Warmup (10-15min): Goal is to get players mentally and physically ready to practice.  We typically run some basic drills at half speed and reinforce basic skills.  Other times we will do agility based warmups with exercises like carioca, high knees, slides, skipping, and triple threat.  We won't be just running around the court wasting valuable time!

2. Skill Development (45-60min): This is the most important part of the practice and we work with the players individually and as a team to teach the core fundamentals of the game (passing, dribbling, ballhandling, shooting, rebounding, offense, and defense).  We show a teaching progression of each skill by first showing the skill in its most basic form then add more advanced techniques.

3. Game Preparation (30-45min): This is where we work on our offensive and defensive plays.  At the youth level, we keep this very simple and don't add too many options.  Instead of teaching various plays, we implement a few plays and focus more on execution. At most, we have our players master 1 man-to-man offense, 1 zone offense, 1 zone defense, 1 man-to-man defense, 1 full court press, 1 press break,  and a few inbounds plays.  The key to success is EXECUTION.

By integrating the ELEVATE Basketball Training System® into all our practices and teaching methods, our players see a rapid improvement in their skillset and overall game play.