'bout That Basketball: bTB Membership

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Join our team today!  We offer 3 different basketball training programs to fit your needs.  Unlike many other basketball training programs, we fully integrate the ELEVATE Basketball Training System® which is a module based approach to teaching the fundamentals of basketball and provides a method to measure the improvement of each individual player.  

1. bTB Skills® - Our coaches and partners work together to offer the 'bout That Basketball training curriculum for all boys and girls ages 5-18yrs.  Players can participate in 2-3 day basketball clinics and 5-7 day basketball camps where we teach the same basketball fundamentals but at a larger scale (more than 100 players per session).  We have strong relationships with several existing or ex-NBA players and collegiate all-stars who help with the basketball instruction during our camps and clinics.  

2. bTB Academy® - As a bTB Academy® member, you get to work on your basketball skills year round.  Practices are held 2-3 times per week in local basketball gymnasiums.  We currently have several training spots open for boys and girls ages 5-18.  We form our bTB Tournament Teams from players who train in the bTB Academy® program. Our elite and highly successful AAU travel teams are among the most recognized, respected, and successful teams within the tournament circuit.   

3. bTB Champion® - With our advanced and private 1:1 instruction, the player will see rapid individual improvement and gain player specific skills needed at the next level.  As a bTB Champion, each player will receive private training either 1:1 or small group sessions and advanced basketball training.   Private training ranges $35-$50/hr.

To become a bTB Academy®, bTB Champion®, or bTB Skills® member, please send an email to bTB@boutThatBasketball.org.