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Our bTB Champion® program, which consists of private 1-on-1 and group instruction training, is what sets us apart from others who offer basketball skills training programs.  Our approach to basketball training has always emphasized the importance of developing a comprehensive set of fundamental basketball skills, from an individual and team perspective. An effective basketball player must be able to excel at his specific position both at the offensive and defensive ends of the court.  As a bTB Champion®, the player will receive 1-on-1 training (hourly basis) to improve position specific skills through intense individual training and repetition of drills.  Our experienced and proven coaching staff will help players improve their skills in the shortest amount of time by focusing on efficient and effective drills and training techniques.

Our coaches teach very aggresive defenses, up-tempo offenses, and fast paced transition schemes.  We use the most effective, innovative, and creative drills to reinforce our bTB basketball style of play and obtain visible results from our players on the court.  Hourly rates for private and group instruction are as follows:

1 Player = $50/hr per player

2 Players = $45/hr per player

3 Players = $40/hr per player

4 Players = $35/hr per player

5 Players = $30/hr per player

6-10 Players = $20/hr per player

To schedule a private or group training, please send an email to bTB@boutThatBasketball.org.  A member of our coaching staff will contact you to discuss the session details.