'bout That Basketball: bTB Academy®

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bTB Academy® allows players to participate in a structured and well organized basketball team to build basketball skills, strengthen individual capabilities, and develop team chemistry.  bTB Academy® players practice 2-3 times a week with advanced instruction designed to improve a player's shooting, dribbling, ball handling, passing, footwork, defensive, & offensive skills, as well as a player's confidence and overall understanding of the game. For local, regional, and national basketball tournaments, a group of players in specific age groups will be selected from the bTB Academy® Team to compete in games and represent the 'bout That Basketball organization.

During practices, our coaches create a very intense atmosphere to ensure competitive play during tournaments and games.  Our coaches teach very aggresive defenses, up-tempo offenses, and fast paced transition schemes.  We use the most effective, innovative, and creative drills along with useful basketball aids to reinforce our bTB basketball style of play and obtain visible results from our players on the court.  

To join bTB Academy®, please send an emal to bTB@boutThatBasketball.org.