Bourne Youth Basketball: Busnengo 2017

Thursday, January 14
2018 Busnengo



The Game results are posted through Saturday End (except last couple of 8B games). Please click on bottom of this page.


The 2018 26th Annual Busnengo Tournament Schedule and Team list is posted. Please click on the link below to access.

It is in excel and there are 12 page options at the bottom of the page. If you cannot see the tabs, make sure document is in full screen. There is a page for each of the 10 age divisions, a team list and a master schedule. The brackets will be updated throughout the weekend. Make sure you read the brackets to see where you play next. All teams play on Sunday, even if you lose 2 before Saturday night. Look at the Sunday consolation games at the bottom of each bracket. The 3 Pool Play brackets are easier to read and figure out. Because of the format with this tournament, it is extremely difficult to make changes. Some teams had requests and I think I came close to getting them taken care of. I will email you all. More info will be coming soon. There is also a new Rules Page as well.


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Handout: 2018 Busnengo Tournament Info