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Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner:


Pitching Tips:


Delaying shoulder rotation for as long as possible while the hips rotate forward after foot plant allows you to put the maximum amount of "twist" into your torso

· The more potential energy you can store up, the more that energy will be available when your shoulders rotate forward to pitch a ball

· Separation of the shoulders from the hips is where approximately 80% of pitcher's throwing velocity comes from


Hitting Tips:


The key to being a successful hitter is practice, practice, practice. The most important tool is the batting tee. The goal is to have power, accuracy and timing

· Stance - have balance with your feet slightly outside your shoulder

· Load - once the pitchers hands separate, your upper body is ready to swing only moving forward

· Step - your step towards the pitcher should be soft, straight and short

· Launch - open you hips with hands straight to the ball. Your power comes from the ground up

· Contact - make contact balanced with your head over your back knee and head focused on the contact of the ball

· Extend and then extend again ending with your hands over your front shoulder


Fielding Tips:


From this level and beyond it is the up most importance to have a solid catcher that works well with the pitcher and can control the game and direct his teammates with confidence

· Arm strength/throwing ability - Arm speed, exchange, release, throwing accuracy (pop time)

· Blocking wild pitches - being able to drop to your knees and take the ball off your chest to the left and right while keeping the ball in front of you

· Batters - knowing each batters tendencies and remembering how they were pitched to the last time they were up to the plate

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