Boston Terriers: FAQ



Can parents watch tryouts?

Parents may watch tryouts, but are not required.  Parents are not permitted to cheer or instruct their child while the tryout is occuring.  


 How do you evaluate players to ensure each player gets a fair try out? 

Players are put through basic basketball drills to evaluate the skills of shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense. All players are put through the same drills to ensure that the try-out process is fair.


What methods of payment are accepted for the tryout fee?

You can pay by cash or check written out to Boston Terriers Basketball


 If I don't make a team do I get my tryout fee back? 

Refunds will not be given to players who do not make the team. The fee is for the opportunity to try out for the team. 


 When will I know if I made the team?

All players who attended tryouts will be notified if they made the team or not via email by February 5th.


 Is playing time guaranteed if my child makes a team? 

Unlike some programs, AAU DOES NOT GUARANTEE playing time for any player. Coaches must weigh a number of factors to determine which players will start and who will be subbed in at every game. Coaches generally do not keep track of individuals player's playing time. If at any time you are concerned about your child's playing time, please discuss this with the coach away from the event, never immediately after the game. Please keep in mind the broader goals of the program before taking issue with any player's playing time.


 My child was not selected to a team but I believe my child is a better player than players who did make the team. What can I do? 

Deciding who makes each team is not an exact science.  Boston Terriers coaching staff will do their best to identify the top players. It is important to remember that all teams need different kinds of players to be successful.


Team Information


When do I have to make payment for playing on the AAU Team?

All payment arrangements are made after the team selection and prior to the first practice.


Where are Boston Terriers practices held?

The majority of the practices will be held at Boston University Academy Gym or Dot House in Dorchester. 


 How long are practices?

All practices are 2 hours long.


Where are the tournaments located?

We will make every effort to attend tournaments at South Shore venues.


When does the season start?

Practices will start the week of March 14th.  Tournaments will run from March - May


What is the tournament schedule?

The tournament schedule is TBD.