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Dear Volleyball Fans,
On behalf of Rob Kaleikau, Owner/Founder of RKV (Rob Kaleikau Volleyball), and Travis Neff, Owner/Founder of BOOST Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, we are proud to make the following announcement:

BOOST Volleyball Club will be changing it's name to:  RKV / BOOST Volleyball Academy

Also, If your club team would be interested in exploring merger / partnership / affiliation opportunities with RKV / BOOST, please contact Rob at
Please note that both RKV and BOOST will continue to provide their respective services to other players/clients outside of the RKV / BOOST organization, and regardless of club/school/other affiliation.  For the time being, to stay up-to-date on all RKV / BOOST activities and announcements, go to "NEWS" section. 

A new evolution in volleyball skills training, sports performance, and teamwork is here. 
It's about knowledge, integrity, respect, and hope and change. 
It's about believing in yourself, gaining confidence, transforming your performance, and reaching new things. 
See life as it is and ask why? Or, 
Dream things that never were and say, why not? 
The future is yours - - stand tall and walk proud 

RKV / BOOST Volleyball Academy

Rob Kaleikau                    Travis Neff 
Owner, Founder                                Owner, Founder 
RKV (Rob Kaleikau Volleyball)           Boost Physical Therapy & Sports Performance 


April 2012 Calendar
April 2012 Calendar