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Senior Softball State Champions - 1979, 1980, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014
9/10 Softball State Champions - 2005
11&12 Softball State Champions - 1978, 1984, 1998, 2009, 2010 
10/11 Baseball State Champions - 2011, 2013
9/10 Baseball State Champions -2010, 2012

Wednesday, April 13

The 2016 Boone National Little League schedules for the regular season are now available. Major / Senior League Tournament of Champions schedules will be released during the season and will play from the end of the current schedule through June 25 Your team coaches HAVE been emailed PDF versions of these schedules and should be handing these out as well. We appreciate your patience and hope you have a terrific season. 

5 & 6 Year Old Tee Ball (Boys and Girls)

T-Shirt Baseball (7-8 Year Old Boys)

T-Shirt Softball (7-8 Year Old Girls)

Minor Baseball (9-10 Year Old Boys)

Minor Softball (9-10 Year Old Girls)

Major Baseball (11-12 Year Old Boys)

Major Softball (11-12 Year Old Girls)

  Senior League Softball (13-16+ Year Old Girls)

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GAME CANCELLATIONS AND POSTPONEMENTS: Parents are reminded to sign up for our free service at RainedOut.com to receive texts and emails regarding cancellations and postponements due to weather or other events. To sign up for this service, click on the link below or text BOONELL to 84483.


Saturday, June 11
2016 All-Star Coaches & Managers / Players & Parents Meetings - MANDATORY


All Star Managers and Coaches Meeting: 6pm Sunday, June 12 @ BNLL Headquarters

All Star Team Meeting For Parents and All Star Players: 7pm Sunday, June 12 @ BNLL Headquarters

Each All Star Player should bring:

1) $60 Registration Fee & Any UNPAID Registration or Concessions Fees

If you DID NOT participate in All-Stars in ‘15, YOU MUST bring #2 & #3

2) Copies of three documents dated from Feb.1, 2015 to Feb.1, 2016, or were in force during this time.

3) A copy of a state certified birth certificate

Saturday, June 11


4&5 Tee Ball: Lugnuts

5&6 Tee Ball: Mudcats

T-Shirt Baseball: T-Shirt Cubs

T-Shirt Softball:T-Shirt Diamonds

Minor Baseball: Minor Cubs

Minor Softball: Minor Pride

Major Baseball: Major Pirates

Thank you to all our coaches, parents and players this season who made every effort to make this a facility where sportsmanship is a focus. It has been a great summer and we couldn't have done it without all of you. 

Sunday, June 12

Rules for the 2016 Tournament of Champions

1. Coin flip to start game.The winner of the coin flip shall choose visitor or home

2. Pool play for tournament. Each team will play 4 games and the top 2 teams will play on Thursday, June 23rd for a one game championship.

3. Fresh pitching starts at the beginning of pool play and regular Little League pitching rules apply for pool play. Championhsip game will have all pitchers available.

4. Home plate umps will be provided. Alll teams will collect $5 from every player to help pay form umps. if a base ump is needed, a volunteer from the stands may be called upon. 

5. On Wedensday, June 22nd, after pool play is over, a home run derby will take place on the Major Baseball field. To participate in the derby, a player has had to have hit a home run in regular season. That player may choose their own pitcher to throw to them. More details to follow...

6. In the event of a tie with records,the tie breaker is run differential. If there remains a tie, the second tie breaker is least amount of runs scored against. 

If there are questions or concerns with this, please direct them to the Tournament of Champions Directors, Jeff Needam, VP of Baseball at (515-298-3068) or Jamie Moorman, Baseball Player Agent at (515) 669-1647 or moormanjamie@yahoo.com

Monday, June 13th 

  5:30 PM     Rockies VS Cubs
   7:30 PM    Dodgers VS Braves
 Wednesday, June 15th
 5:30 PM
   Braves VS Pirates
   7:30 PM
   Dodgers VS Rockies
  Thursday, June 16              
6 PM    Cubs VS Pirates
 Saturday, June 18
 9 AM
   Dodgers VS Cubs
   11 AM
   Rockies VS Pirates
 Monday, June 20
 5:30 PM
   Braves VS Rockies
   7:30 PM    Dodgers VS Pirates
Tuesday, June 21              
 6 PM    Braves VS Cubs
 Wednesday, June 22              
 6 PM    Homerun Derby          
 Thursday, June 23              
       # 1 VS # 2

 If there are questions or concerns with this, please direct them to the Tournament of Champions Directors, Jeff Needam, VP of Baseball at (515-298-3068) or Jamie Moorman, Baseball Player Agent at (515) 669-1647 or moormanjamie@yahoo.com.

Saturday, June 11
2016 All-Star Team Announced

Your Boone Minor Softball All-Stars are:

 Sydney Adams
 Erin Ades
 Graycee Baker
 Maggie Cornelis
 Logan Germain
 Gracie Gustafson
 Alayana Gronseth
 Hayleigh Lingo
 Jillian Mallas
 Emma Moorman
 Kelsea Moorman
 Alexis Wheeler
 Macie Zentner
 MANAGER: Jamie Moorman

 Your 2016 Major Baseball All-Stars are:

 Roman Bass
 Evan Behn
 Cole Burge
 Aiden Kraft
 Kolson Kruse
 Dameon McIntyre
 Marcus McPartland
 Kaden Moorman
 Kolby Moorman
 Cale Naeve
 Dylan Perdue
 Ethan Sproule
 MANAGER: Wes Bass


Saturday, June 13
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Wednesday, April 20

Throughout the winter of 2016, Little League® International held meetings with District Administrators, Assistant District Administrators, and other volunteers at each of our nine regions throughout the world. At each of these meetings, updates and changes to Little League Rules and Regulations were discussed, and at the conclusion of the meetings, these potential new rule and regulations were amended to reflect the direct input from the attendees at these meetings.  In total, 463 District Administrators voted on these 10 items, which were then discussed, along with implementation strategies, at the annual spring meeting of the Little League International Board of Directors. The full voting results can be found on LittleLeague.org. Little League will host a Little League University (LLU) Live discussion with Patrick Wilson, Little League Senior Vice President of Operations and Program Development, on Thursday, April 21, at 12:30 p.m. EDT. More details on this live discussion is available at LittleLeague.org/LLULive.



Saturday, May 21

The Boone Little League Board of Directors met this morning, Saturday, May 21st, and with a majority vote passed the following rule for T-Shirt Baseball & Softball:

If after (5) innings, four and one half innings if the home team is ahead, one team has a lead of tem (10) runs or more, the team with the least runs shall concede the vicory to the opponent. NOTE: If the visiting team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the home team must bat its half of the inning. 

This rule takes effect immediately and coaches will be notified of this change.

Monday, April 13

Boone National Little League would like to thank Lithia Motors (Honda & Nissan Dealers) of Ames for their generous donation of $1000 to offset the insurance deductible cost which was greatly needed after a late winter storm damaged a significant amount of fencing and netting around the T-Shirt/Minor Baseball/Minor Softball Fields. We truly appreciate Jeff Searcy and his entire team over there at Lithia Motors and their support of the Boone National Little League and the over 700 children who participate in this league!

Wednesday, March 23

If you haven’t already done so already, we encourage all parents to like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BooneNationalLittleLeague), follow us on Twitter (@B_N_L_L), and subscribe to RainedOut text notifications (text BOONELL to 84483). We have gotten a number of calls that parents aren’t finding out about rain delays and cancellations until shortly before a game and this will allow everyone to find out immediately when the call has been made. Thank you!

Wednesday, March 23
BNLL Cold Weather Policy for Games

The official cold weather policy adopted by the Boone National Little League Board of Directors on 03/22/2014:

If the ambient temperature at the scheduled start of the game is below 40 degrees, or we have a wind chill below 30 degrees, that game will be postponed or canceled. This policy has been put in place for the safety of the players and so that there is consistency on whether or not a game starts on any given day at the beginning of the season.  As with any postponement or cancellation, notification of a change in the schedule will be made via the BNLL website (www.boonell.com), the BNLL facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BooneNationalLittleLeague), and through the RainedOut text notification service.

Practice cancellation will be the decision of the coaches in charge of the team althought the cold weather policy will be a guideline for them to use for their practices as well. Notifications of practice changes will come directly from the coaches themeselves.

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