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9/10 Softball State Champions - 2005
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10/11 Baseball State Champions - 2011, 2013
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Thursday, January 15
2015 Little League Registration Registration

Online registration for the 2015 season is still open for 4&5 and 5&6 year old Tee Ball players! You can register a player for little league or an adult as a volunteer here!

If you would like to register a player in any other league, you will need to contact either the Kalen Robinson (Softball Player Agent) kalenrobinson@hotmail.com or 525-290-5820 or Jamie Moorman (Baseball Player Agent) moormanjamie@yahoo.com or 515-669-1647 to register your son or daughter. New registrations for anyone who currently lives inside the league boundaries will not be accepted after opening day.

Saturday, April 4
BNLL Cold Weather Policy for Games

The official cold weather policy adopted by the Boone National Little League Board of Directors on 03/22/2014:

If the ambient temperature at the scheduled start of the game is below 40 degrees, or we have a wind chill below 30 degrees, that game will be postponed or canceled. This policy has been put in place for the safety of the players and so that there is consistency on whether or not a game starts on any given day at the beginning of the season.  As with any postponement or cancellation, notification of a change in the schedule will be made via the BNLL website (www.boonell.com), the BNLL facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BooneNationalLittleLeague), and through the RainedOut text notification service.

Practice cancellation will be the decision of the coaches in charge of the team althought the cold weather policy will be a guideline for them to use for their practices as well. Notifications of practice changes will come directly from the coaches themeselves.

Friday, May 15

2015 Paid Umpire Call List

* Please note that the fees charged are between the umpire and the parent/coach. The Boone National Little League is not responsible for agreements between these two parties. This list is provided as a service. 24/48 hour advance notification is appreciated or a premium fee may be charged.

Name Phone Number
E-mail Address
Cindy Bushore
 Minor/Senior Softball Only
Marco Leimone 515-709-9593 xmarmox@gmail.com  Baseball Only
Kennedy Vinchattele 515-230-5259
None  Softball Only (any age)
Dave Owen
230-2567 dowen_11@hotmail.com  
Morgan Bennett
515-290-0278 None
Softball Only
Jesse Howard
230-2182 jesse@ortho2.com
Mike Herrick
mherrick@vanmeterinc.com  Minor/Major Baseball Only
Logan Losh
230-9375 None Baseball only
Rennie Hunter
460-9456 None
Jamie Bruggeman
203-1518 jamiebrugg@gmail.com

The Boone National Little League Board of Directors would like to thank the coaches, parents and umpires for their commitment to good sportsmanship this year at the ballpark. It is because of your concerted efforts to make a positive change that we are able to bring you this list. We hope that you will continue to make good sportsmanship a priority so that we can continue to grow this list of volunteer and paid umpires in the future.

Friday, May 8

There are several practice locations available in our community. Some are first come-first serve and others are owned and/or maintained by BNLL and are therefore reserved. You may reserve a practice location by recording your team name in our practice field reservation book in the appropriate date and time slot. The book will be located at West Side Casey’s General Store prior to Opening Day and then moved to our headquarters building. DO NOT telephone Casey’s and ask their employees to write your name in the book or look up who has what field and when. Casey’s is doing us a favor by allowing us to keep our book in their store; DON’T SPOIL A GOOD THING!

Reserved Locations
Casey’s – behind West Side Casey’s – 4 backstops
B&SVRR – 10th & Monona – 1 backstop but room for two teams
Batting Cage A – BNLL Complex – with South Morrow skinned infield
Batting Cage B – BNLL Complex – with North Morrow grass infield
Batting Cage C – BNLL Complex – with Tee Ball field (pre-season) & NW Casey’s field (during season)
BHS Batting Cage – BNLL Complex – with adjacent skinned infield (pre BHS season)

First Come-First Serve Locations
Playground at any public school
Boone City Parks – Slow-pitch softball teams have priority on fields in McHose Park
City of Boone – under the water tower at 1st & Clinton
Sharing practice sights is your responsibility. Consider this rule of thumb: younger teams practice early and older teams practice later. The batting cage and scrimmages are recognized as good forms of practice and their use is encouraged. Practices and/or scrimmages shall not be conducted with other youth baseball/softball program teams.

Other Private Property
You must obtain permission before practicing on private property.

Batting Cage Rules
The batting cage rules are as follows:
1. Only adults may run the pitching machine.
2. Only two ball players allowed in the fenced in area at a time.
3. All ballplayers must have a helmet on at all times when in the fenced area.
4. Each team is only allowed to sign-up one time per week if signing up prior to that week. You may sign up for as many as three per week if you sign up during that current week.

Practice Restrictions
You MAY NOT practice:
before 4:30 PM on days when school is in session
before 9AM on days when school is not in session
on Sundays, Memorial Day, during our Candy Sale, or days on which you have a game
More than three 1½-hr practices per calendar week OR two 2-hr practices per calendar week prior to Opening Day.
More than two 1½-hr practices per calendar week OR one 2-hr practice per calendar week after Opening Day.
You MUST practice at least:
Two 1½-hr practices per calendar week OR one 2-hr practice per calendar week prior to Opening Day
One 1½-hr practice per calendar week after Opening Day


Use, possession or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or controlled substances is strictly forbidden, violators will be asked to leave the ballpark immediately, and board members shall not hesitate to call the police.
Use of tobacco products, abusive language and/or abusive behavior by Managers, assistants, or volunteers at practices, games, or any other activity associated with Little League is strictly prohibited.
Gifts shall not be given to individual ballplayers for making good plays, hits or having good games. If you have questions concerning rewards, obtain prior approval from the Board of Directors.


The Little League program survives on the assistance we receive from volunteers. Through out the season each team will have an assigned workday. You will receive your scheduled workday date at the draft. Each team must have at least six adults present for their workday and complete their assigned tasks. Failure to abide by this rule will result in your next scheduled game being forfeited and your games will continue to be forfeited until your scheduled tasks are completed. There will be at least two board members present during each workday. Please check in with them when you arrive. You MUST ensure that the board member’s signature appears on your workday sheet before you leave the park.

Each parent should plan on working approximately 2 hours during workday performing all different types of tasks. The Boone Little League Board has a limited number of VOLUNTEERS and need your help maintaining and keeping up the facility. If you have special skills or trades that could assist us with work done around the park, please let a board member know and we may be able to arrange a time for you to come outside of your time to assist us on other projects.

As there are limited rakes, brooms, tools, etc. at the Little League complex, please plan on bringing anything you may need to accomplish the work needed. This includes: Pliars, Clips, Leaf Blowers, Shovels, Rakes, Brooms, Lawn Sheers, etc. 

Below, you will find the 2015 workdays schedule as handed out at the Manger's Meeting/Draft

Saturday, May 9 @ 5pm: T-Shirt Pirates; Minor Nationals; Major Rockies; Minor Tigerettes; Senior Comets

Workday Coordinators: Kris Angaran / Jill Starling

Saturday, May 16 @ 5pm: T-Shirt Mets; Minor Pirates; T-Shirt Robins; Minor Robins; Major Ravens

Workday Coordinators: Matt Barrick

Memorial Day Weekend: BNLL Board Members

Sunday, May 31 @ 1pm: T-Shirt Giants; Minor Brewers; T-Shirt Cloverettes; Minor Angels; Senior Cards

Workday Coordinators: Lowell Davis

Sunday, June 7 @ 1pm: T-Shirt Marlins; Major Pirates; T-Shirt Ravens; Minor SB Cards; Major Cloverettes

Workday Coordinators: Jill Starling / Tony

Sunday, June 14 @ 1pm: T-Shirt Rockies; Major Cards; T-Shirt Royals; Minor Royals; Major Angels

Workday Coordinators: Jesse Howard

Saturday, June 21 @ 5pm: All-Star Team Workday

Workday Coordinators: BNLL Board Members


If you have questions or comments about BNLL Workdays, please contact Matt Barrick @ mbarrick75@gmail.com  or call his cell at (515) 231-8032 

Monday, April 13

Boone National Little League would like to thank Lithia Motors (Honda & Nissan Dealers) of Ames for their generous donation of $1000 to offset the insurance deductible cost which was greatly needed after a late winter storm damaged a significant amount of fencing and netting around the T-Shirt/Minor Baseball/Minor Softball Fields. We truly appreciate Jeff Searcy and his entire team over there at Lithia Motors and their support of the Boone National Little League and the over 700 children who participate in this league!



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