Bonnie Youth Club: Spring/Summer/Fall Divisions

Director   Max Sanchez-Martinez 718-693-7370

This division is for ages 5-7. They will play their games in Prospect Park. Gym workouts begin 2/14/04 at Jackie Robinson JHS. Check location tab for a map.

This division is for players age 8, they will play about 40 games during the spring and summer. On July 4th they will travel to Massachusetts for several games.

This division is for players 9-10

This division is for players 11-12.

This division is for players 13-14.

This division is for players 15-16.

This division is for high school juniors and seniors ages 17-18.These are our most competitive teams each playing a schedule of over 100 games. They will travel extensively through the summer and fall playing top competition from all over the country. Their season will culminate with a trip to Florida in November where they will play the best teams in Florida. This schedule gives them the opportunity to showcase in front of college coaches and pro scouts throughout the season. In addition these players receive extensive guidance in applying for the colleges that will be the best fit academically and athletically.

This division is for college players age 19-21.