Bonner Crew: Welcome

Thursday, August 29
The Monsignor Bonner High School Crew Team

The Monsignor Bonner High School Rowing Program.

Bonner Crew has been around since 1956 which is made up of young men including the Freshman/Novice team. We row out of Penn A/C, located in the middle of Historic Boathouse Row, in the heart of Philadlelphia. Bonner Crew has a Summer learning program along with a Fall racing season, but the spring season is our main focus. For more about Bonner Crew, please check out the 'Handouts' section of this website & go to the 'Rower's Handbook'. Just about any possible question about Bonner Crew can be answered here. If not, please feel to contact the coach.











BonnerPrendie high school has a new all sports website

Look for the Crew Site to see the latest updates as well as current photos.




A Few Suggestions and Friendly Reminders for Regatta Day Expect to spend the whole day outside. Bring appropriate gear (rain, sun, cold, hot, windy, etc.). You should check the weather forecast the night before and bring extra. It is always colder being by the river. Parents ..Don't forget your chairs and camera.


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