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2015 Registration Continues on Saturday, December 20th!

2015 Registration Continues on Saturday, December 20th! ATTENTION: Registration tomorrow morning from 9 till Noon! Let's get this one more thing out of the way before Christmas! $100, a birth certificate, and 3 proofs of residence gets your Softball or Baseball player set up for our Spring Season! If you click on the "handouts" tab on the left, you can access our 2015 Registration and Medical forms. If possible, fill those out and bring them with you tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, February 2

As an organization, our job is to provide a safe playing environment for children and spectators. The Board of Directors drafted the following guidelines for dug outs, fields and ballpark areas.  We ask coaches, parents and children to comply with these guidelines.

Rule #1: Only team managers, coaches and parents/guardians who have completed a 2014 volunteer application will be allowed to access the dugouts or field areas. This restriction ensures that only individuals who have completed and passed background checks will be in close proximity to children. No exceptions will be allowed.



Pets: The city has posted a No Dogs Allowed sign as you enter the ballpark.  Please keep dogs out of the ballpark during games and practices.

Smoking: There also is a No Smoking sign as you enter the ballpark.  Please smoke only in designated areas away from the fields.

Skateboards: No skateboards are allowed between ballfields during practices and games. 

Trash: Please discard all waste in the trash cans near each grandstand or inside dugouts.


Food: Please refrain from eating inside dugouts or on ballfields.

Absence: Players must remain inside the dugout during games unless they receive permission from the team manager or coach.

Bats: Children are not permitted to swing bats in the dugouts or grandstand areas. Only players who are on deck should have a bat in their hands.

On deck circle: There is none. Players must remain in the dugout until it's his or her turn to bat.

Climbing: Players and fans should not climb any fences around the dugouts or playing fields.

Cleanup: Players, team managers and coaches must discard all trash, gum and other waste in trash cans at the conclusion of each game.

Lost and found: Any personal items (gloves, hats, bats, etc.) left behind should be brought to the concession stand, where lost and found items are kept. Parents/guardians should label their children's belongings, especially bats and gloves, to avoid any possible disagreements about an item's owner.

Scoring: Scoreboards are not used for minor baseball, minor softball and tee ball. However, each team is required to keep score so scoring/batting limits are adhered to.

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